Saturday, May 31, 2008

Latest Quilting Project

I just thought I'd share one of my current quilting projects. It's really coming out nice. It's a Village quilt. I'm quit impressed that it is turning out this well.

Now I need to print out the rest of the pattern and finish the quilt.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Puppy Whoas and Quilting Bliss

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I posted here last. I guess I've done a better job of keeping up with my genealogy blog then this one. My how time flies.

Today I'm about ready to scream. My husband so badly wanted a little bull dog, so finally I gave in and we got our new addition "Rocky" a Southern White Bull Dog (Altman Bull dog). He is a sweet dog and I really like his personality, but there was one reason I wasn't to fond of getting a puppy......the house breaking! Not to mention we are still working to finish potty training our daughter! How much more do I have to take?

I think that in the next few weeks or at least by the weekend the carpet in the last two carpeted room is coming out! I can stand pet odors, especially when they aren't totally house broken. Then to make matters worse the puppy didn't want to go on the road with my hubby this time, so he was left behind. So now I have a puppy in the house that doesn't get what the heck the doggy door is for all day while I'm at work!

That little frustration aside I am having some fun. I've picked up another new hobby. One that has always interested me, but i never got into, quilting. Heck if I really get into this I may just have to create another blog where I can show my quilts. I'm still learning a lot, but having fun doing it.

My genealogy research is still a passion of mine, but I don't really have the time to stay organized and keep going on that right now. I pick up a person of interest and do a little online research when I can, but that's about it. At least with the quilting I can pick it up and put it down a lot easier and not worry about interruptions from the kids. It's not like loosing my train of thought when doing research.

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