Friday, April 27, 2007

Update on Stolen Tires

Heads up in Liberty Lake and Post Falls. The tires I listed in my last blog have been seen in Liberty Lake.

First let me say THANK YOU to the Alton's Tires stores. First I called around to many tire stores on Thursday giving them details of the stolen tires. I appreciate all of their help. But there were a few that stood out. Liberty Tires even offered to call a couple other stores for me to spread the word and there were others that agreed to spread the word. But Altons was the one that stepped up to the plate and hit a home run (sorry my son is in baseball this year. Momma in baseball mode here LOL).

I called one of the Alton stores in the Spokane area. I asked the gentleman if there was a way he could get the word out to all the stores since there were so many Alton's. He told me that he could give me a number at their head quarters and I could call and talk to a gal there and let her know so she could send out a fax. So I called her. She was at lunch, but about fifteen minutes later I got a call back from her. She gladly took all the details and said she would get a fax right out and wished me luck.

With in less than an hour I had a phone call from an employee at the Liberty Lake Alton's. Of course I was on the phone to all the other shops making calls and when I discovered the call they were already closed. So I called him back this morning. He told me that he had already called the police in Liberty Lake and gotten them involved. The news only got better when he told me they know who it is. They already had the woman identified. She is a known meth addict in the area. Like i suspect a true idiot that had no clue as to the full value of those tires and rims.

Which takes me to another shop. Before I had a chance to talk to to the employee at Alton's I had called and talk to a guy at Hilliard Tires. I wasn't even finished giving him the details and he knew he had seen those tires the day before. He told me that a couple had come in the day before trying to sell those very same tires for $500. His boss didn't buy them and they went on their way. He asked me to hold while he went to get his boss. Funny his boss didn't want to talk to me, but the guy came back and said that they couldn't remember anything about them. Even when I kept questioning him about even the color of the car or what the people looked like he was suddenly sorry, but no one remembered. Bull Shit!! Just the change in his voice I knew something was up that his boss didn't want me to know.

The next call was to Detective Beck at the Post Falls Police department, who has been great trying to help us. He then called Hilliard Tires. It's amazing how their story went from we saw them yesterday to "oh we must have been wrong about that. It must have been about two weeks ago." Like I said before Bull Shit (pardon my french, but at this point I'm fuming)!! The guy also told me to try Big Bubba's Custom Tires just two blocks from them because he was known for buying used tires and rims especially custom. So I did and he was surprised that whoever the people were hadn't come to him. I also had Detective Beck follow up with him and it appears he was genuine about that he really never did see these *&(*%$^. Which is strange if Hilliard sent them on their way that they didn't go on down to Big Bubba's. Then again I don't think Hilliard sent them on their way. I think they either bought them or knew someone who wanted that kind of tire and now they don't want anything to do with the police now that they know it is stolen property.

Anyway back to Alton's tires and Liberty Lake Police. I can't thank them enough. Now the police at Liberty Lake and Post Falls hopefully have enough to go somewhere with this. Liberty Lake Alton's you were the break we needed. Thanks pal, we couldn't have done it with out you.

So we are still looking, spreading the word and working with the police to locate these tires. I'm not going to just look the other way. I will find them, and if someone has purchased them not knowing they were stolen I wished you would be honest enough to turn them over to the police. This was stolen from a family that doesn't need this right now. James is going back to school to get his CDL and I just didn't need the stress of this. So any help would be appreciated.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Stolen Tires

I hope everyone in the Coeur d'Alene, ID and Spokane, WA area sees this. Share it with everyone you know who lives in this area.

Someone is going around a stealing tires and rims off a vehicles and from shops. Especially the hard to come by, expensive, custom order wheels. So if you have a fancy custom vehicle, lock it up!!!!

On Saturday April 21st my husband went by our shop to get something. Everything was fine, nothing missing. He locked up and came back home. That night they hit us.

Sunday we got a call that informed us that the tires and rims were gone from our Dodge Ram Charger. My husband was in the middle of making us dinner and hollered down to me, as I was still trying to remove our gluey mess from the hard wood floor, that he needed to leave the shop had been broken into. I'm thinking oh great that's all we need. Right now he is out of work so that he can go back to school for his CDL and start driving truck. We can't afford to loose the equipment that can help supplement our income if he finds any side jobs. So I'm thinking the worst, but at the same time going well there is always insurance on the equipment.

He calls a little later to tell me he is still waiting on the Post Falls sheriff and give me a update. They didn't get into the shop and nothing was missing from there. It was worse. They got our custom rims and supper swamper tires off of our Dodge Ram Charger that I had dropped in insurance on because we weren't driving it. It wasn't in the shop. It was parked out behind the shop! That was about a $2000 set of tires and rims. To make matters worse the shop behind us also had a Chevy Blazer almost on it's side where they had left it after getting the tires off of it as well.

So here are the details of what was stolen from both of us.

Ours: Super Swamper TSL Tires 38 1/2 x 14 1/2 x 15 on Bart Custom 15 x 10, 8 lug rims. Originally while outsides painted black.

The other shop: Tires and Rims both custom order fitting a 6 lug Chevy blazer. The rims were Centerline 20"

If you have any details on the rash of auto thefts happening along Seltice Way in Post Falls please call the police or if you have any information to help us locate the Super Swamper Tires please contact us through this blog.

The shop behind us told us that he had called the sheriff department back out to do finger prints because there were finger prints all over the side of the truck from them stealing the tires. The gal that came out said she couldn't work with the finger prints and didn't bother to take any. There's our tax dollars at work for you.

But we had a little better response on ours. The sheriff that came out took a flashlight that had been left behind by the thieves. No one ever said thieves were smart. They are usually stupid and will get caught eventually. Then today we had a detective call and talk to us some more about it. He was glad we had taken the time to put out fliers, and he would be looking into both thefts seriously. God I hope so. It just makes me made that people think they have the right to take things that don't belong to them. I've got a few names for people like that, but I'll keep this "G" rated.

So today we toted the two younger children around to all the tire shops, pawn shops and custom auto shops we could think of. We handed out fliers and talked to as many people as we could about what happened. We also found out that a shop on Hayden Ave in Hayden was recently broke into and tires and rims stolen there, as well as one of the shops on Government in Coeur d'Alene told us he has been broken into a couple times, even catching the kids one time. Yes the ones he caught were teenagers.

So if you live here in this area of Norther Idaho and Eastern Washington, be aware that we have a rash of auto theft related to tires and rims happening in this area.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Making Money Online

Over the last two months I have been immersed into the new world of Freebie Site trading to make money. It's finally starting to take off for me. No I'm not giving up on my Heritage Makers. That's still a passion of mine, but until that really takes off I have a back up income starting to flow.

Here is the idea.

  • Freebie site offers gift in exchange for a certain number of referrals you send to their site to complete offers.
  • Referral uses your link to go to the site. They complete how ever many offers they need to in order to get one full credit (some offers are worth 1/2, 1/4, 1, etc). When they get one full credit this is called going green.
  • The trader that gives the referral the link, then sends off all of his greens to be approved. Those that stay green get paid for their green. Those that turn red, well you never want to go red. But if you follow the rules then you shouldn't.
  • Eventually you get to a point that you can't do anymore greens for other people because you run out of offers you can do, at least for a while. At that point you are ready to become a serious trader. Which is where I am at. I now pay other people to go green for me. Then when I have the greens I need for a site I send off for approval and get my prize. Usually cash paid via PayPal, or some other gift that I would like to have. But is much cheaper to pay for the greens then to go buy the item at retail.

So how does everyone involved make money at this? Simple. You are paid by the person you do a green for, the site is paid for every offer you complete, and the offers get future business if only from a portion of the traders or for just the trial period. So everyone involved makes money. Oh yea and the person that pays you for your green gets the prize.

Here is an example I am just about ready to send off for approval on one site. My prize is $750. I needed 28 points to get that prize. I am paying my 28 point, $12 per point. They may not seem like a lot for the person going green for me, but they can do maybe two $1 trial offers and get paid $12. So they make a profit of $10. Not bad for an hour of work (at least for a newbie. More experienced traders can sometimes work faster and do more. So you make more as you gain more experience). Then when I get the approval that all my traders are good, I pay them. So I shell out $336, leaving me with a profit of $414. Not bad for three weeks worth of work from home with the kids and not paying for daycare. Not only that but I work several sites at one time.

My favorite Forum to work from is FreeLunchRoom. Come visit sometime. You'll recognize me. I use the same old user name amyrebba. So come visit. Find out how I'm now making money along side my Heritage Makers.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lost ComputerS!

Yes that's right. I didn't just loose one, but I lost both of my computers to two seperate incidents. Oh I thought I was going to die. This has been torture. About three weeks ago my main computer froze up. Done! Dead! Gone! I wanted to scream.

My main computer was exactly that, my main files, photos everything! Everything I do to make money and maintain our life revolves around this computer. My Heritage Makers stuff, blogging, photos, genealogy research (not only my families history which took two years to find, but two other families I'm working on), my checking account, menus, calendars, and so much more. Almost all of it is gone.

The old photos of ancestors are fine. Most of them I had backed up by putting them on my Heritage Makers account, but photos from the last couple months are gone. Then all of my fliers, brochures, labels and anything else I designed up myself for Heritage Makers are all gone! Genealogy was a stroke of luck. I had created a CD with a gedcom file of my family and the two other families I was working on to take with me to the Genealogy conference in March. So I have that stuff backed up, but I've still lost some of the other things like files of research that cousins sent me electronically. I'm not even sure of everything I lost of our families because I had so much!

I even lost programs that I bought and downloaded, but can't find the code anymore. Now I've got to buy them again. This time I'm not downloading the programs. I will be buying packages with the CD so I don't have this happen again.

This has been a big painful learning experience. You should always back things up! So now I have an external drive and I'll reformat an old hard drive to back everything up on a weekly basis. I can't afford this again. I am still trying to recover things, and somethings I may never recover. I know many of my databases I will just have to recreate.

Then to make maters worse. Easter weekend I had my laptop sitting on the desk, my daughter in my lap and a cup of coffee by my laptop. I wasn't paying attention and we were playing for a bit. My daughter leaned back and her head hit my laptop. There went computer number two. That weekend I was with out either computer. I thought I was going to really die then. I was on the phone with someone later and I was laughing about it. They couldn't believe I was laughing about it, but what can you do, if I didn't laugh I was certainly going to cry. Especially since the last incident was a stupid mistake on my part. So I spent the weekend in the basement helping hubby with my office. But I kept wondering what was going on with people I had freebie site business with online. If they thought I had just skipped out on them.

It's amazing the things we can do now because of computers. But it's also amazing how quickly it can all fall apart when computers are lost.

So fellow bloggers and genealogist, if you don't hear from me for just a bit longer, bare with me. I'm still trying to recover from this loss. I now can get back online and blog again, but recovering data, reentering data, reinstalling software, and everything involved with reinstating my computer is very time consuming. But when I get this behind me I will be back and running again.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Head is Throbbing and Ears Ringing

Well Phil from A Family Runs Through it and myself finally set up a time to meet. So we meet for lunch at the McDonald's for our children to play together while we visited.

We had a wonderful visit, his wife also came along. We talked about our blogs, our home remodels, our children, family photos and more. I really enjoyed the adult time to visit while our children played together in the play area.

One big mistake, though. I choose to set under the play area. One piece of advice, if you ever go to McDonald's during lunch and expect to carry on an adult conversation, don't sit under the play area! It wasn't bad for the most part, until close to two o'clock when a big group of people showed up for a birthday party.

They were a very strange bunch and started to make me uncomfortable. First I'm sitting there talking to Phil and his wife, when this girl I don't even know comes up and starts interrupting us and starts taking my kids toys off the table and wanting to look at them, one of which was my daughter play cell phone she brought from home. I had to take the phone back and just bluntly tell the girl to go play. It happened a couple times. Then as more kids showed up the noise level got to the point that we couldn't even hear each other even with yelling. So I started to gather things up to go.

Then I had a bit of a scare. Phil's wife caught my attention and asked me if the girl in this other woman's arms was my daughter. I spun a around and as soon as my daughter saw me she was trying to push out of this woman's arms for me. When I grabbed her the woman said something about she had a runny nose and she was just trying to help her. I didn't say a word to her. I was so mad I just grabbed my daughter and went back to my company and gathered up the kids and got out of there. The people just gave me the willies.

If I have learned something in my life that is your gut can tell you a lot if you just take the time to listen. I do listen to my gut. I may over react sometimes, but I'd rather over react in my children's best interest then not act at all. You know it is one thing to take a child by the hand if you think they are lost and walk them toward their mother, but it's another to walk around with someones child in your arms like she is your own. The more I think about it the more it scares me. There was just something that disturbed me about that woman when I first saw her. She was strange.

But fortunately Phil and I had been there visiting for about a couple hours. So we did have a wonderful visit. I am very excited about starting the stay at home parents group with Phil. I hope more will join us.

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