Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Head is Throbbing and Ears Ringing

Well Phil from A Family Runs Through it and myself finally set up a time to meet. So we meet for lunch at the McDonald's for our children to play together while we visited.

We had a wonderful visit, his wife also came along. We talked about our blogs, our home remodels, our children, family photos and more. I really enjoyed the adult time to visit while our children played together in the play area.

One big mistake, though. I choose to set under the play area. One piece of advice, if you ever go to McDonald's during lunch and expect to carry on an adult conversation, don't sit under the play area! It wasn't bad for the most part, until close to two o'clock when a big group of people showed up for a birthday party.

They were a very strange bunch and started to make me uncomfortable. First I'm sitting there talking to Phil and his wife, when this girl I don't even know comes up and starts interrupting us and starts taking my kids toys off the table and wanting to look at them, one of which was my daughter play cell phone she brought from home. I had to take the phone back and just bluntly tell the girl to go play. It happened a couple times. Then as more kids showed up the noise level got to the point that we couldn't even hear each other even with yelling. So I started to gather things up to go.

Then I had a bit of a scare. Phil's wife caught my attention and asked me if the girl in this other woman's arms was my daughter. I spun a around and as soon as my daughter saw me she was trying to push out of this woman's arms for me. When I grabbed her the woman said something about she had a runny nose and she was just trying to help her. I didn't say a word to her. I was so mad I just grabbed my daughter and went back to my company and gathered up the kids and got out of there. The people just gave me the willies.

If I have learned something in my life that is your gut can tell you a lot if you just take the time to listen. I do listen to my gut. I may over react sometimes, but I'd rather over react in my children's best interest then not act at all. You know it is one thing to take a child by the hand if you think they are lost and walk them toward their mother, but it's another to walk around with someones child in your arms like she is your own. The more I think about it the more it scares me. There was just something that disturbed me about that woman when I first saw her. She was strange.

But fortunately Phil and I had been there visiting for about a couple hours. So we did have a wonderful visit. I am very excited about starting the stay at home parents group with Phil. I hope more will join us.

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