Sunday, August 31, 2008

To Stay or Not to Stay

About three weeks ago my husband and I were planning to sell our house, move to my parents, remodel their house to make it a two family dwelling, and split their mortgage. Well things changed. We soon realized that would not work for us. For one it would be very hard to sell our house right now. It's just stressful trying to hold on to a home right now, but just as stressful trying to sell it.

There were pluses and minuses to both scenarios. The upside of living at my parents would have been paying about half of what we are currently paying for mortgage and utilities, my children would have had the opportunity to grow up around the animals the way I did and learn from that as well as having their grandparents around all the time. Not to mention I would have had a completed house with no need for any further remodel except a wall to divide the house!!

The down side was that it would still feel like Mom and Dad's place, not ours. We would have no wright off for a mortgage every year with taxes as it would be like renting from them. And of course the major down side is since it would not be our place we would not be able to do just anything we wanted (like hubbies car projects).

So we decided to keep doing some more remodeling around here and try to hold on to our home. In the end I think it was the right decision for us, but if the economy gets worse I'm sure we will see more families be forced to move toward such living arrangements in order to make ends meet. Who knows we may still have to do that some day.

In my hast to get started moving........Half of my office and sewing room is packed up and sitting in my parents garage and the other half is here under plastic as we finish the drywall in my Office/Sewing room. It will be great when it is finally finished. I have so much room to work with. The down side is I CAN'T WORK ON ANYTHING right now.

I still have my sampler quilt sitting here in my To-Do basket, a Barn Yard quilt, that I can't wait to see finished, for my daughter and another little wall hanging for her room for starters. I have more planned, but those are the only ones in the works.

At least I can get to my computer and my genealogy files. I'm not going completely crazy yet, but I can't wait to be done with this room and get every thing set up for both of my passions.

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