Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanks Giving with Family

This was the first time in years that we were able to take the time and have the money to go visit our family in California. Although I would never even think about moving back to that hell hole, it was good to be back there and see our family and dear friends.

I was glad that this time we have a week with our family. I've pretty much got the week planned out. This weekend we are going to spend it with James' parents. We want to go up to Columbia and James Town Rail Town. I use to love to visit the old ghost town Columbia. The day of our Senior Prom, James and I spent it at Columbia before we went back home to get ready for the prom. James has always loved and been fascinated by trains so naturally he loves Rail town in James Town.

We also plan to spend one evening with James' sister since she has to do Thanks Giving for her husbands family on Thanks Giving Day. Then Wednesday will be spent with my Dad's family. On Thanks Giving Day we will be spending the first half of the day with my mom's family (it is my only chance to see my Aunt who is working 7 days a week 10 hour days for Blue Diamond right now) and the second half of the day with James' family. Then on Friday will be spent with my best friend, Dez. I just called her. She can't wait to see us, but she says since she gets us for the whole day she will wait since she knows we have a lot of family to see. Then we will probably leave on Saturday, but spend some time in San Francisco before we leave California.

This should be a great week. I am looking forward to time with the family and things to do with them.

Back in California

Oh God, I already miss home. There is no mistaking that we are back in
CA. We hit Sacramento right at the 6:30 rush hour traffic. It was insane!!! Spokane, your rush hour is a cake walk compared to this crap. I will say though I was very proud of my husband. I can still be a bit of an aggressive driver. I don’t think I ever lost that CA aggressiveness, but James on the other hand mellowed out when we moved up to Post Falls. He’s really laid back on the road. But as soon as we entered Sacramento he got his groove back. He we jumping in there and making room for himself. He wasn’t letting anyone push him around on the road. I will say that I was surprised that no one was honking at each other, even though I saw a lot of stupid reckless moves. I think we better time that better next time so that we don’t get caught in this on the way home.

Have you ever gone into Wal Mart on the weekend and thought what a zoo? Especially Christmas time. Well guess what Post Falls our zoo is nothing. Here it’s like Christmas all the time. I would hate to see Wal Mart at Christmas time here. Then of course there was another reminder of our old home town. You can’t ease drop on anyone’s conversations because they are all speaking Spanish. There are stores near my old home that I grew up in that the cashiers barely speak English! The part of town that my mother, father, and I all grew up in is now like a little mini Mexico.

I barely recognize my home town. It’s so over grown. But it was sure nice to drive by places and point and tell the kids, “that’s the park that flooded when your dad and I were dating,” “there was our favorite Chinese food place, and behind that is the first place we lived after we were married,” “we lived in that house around the corner from your Grandma.” Of course the youngest didn’t care, but our oldest was interested in where we were from. Now I think we will get around today, Sunday, and maybe take the kids up to one of our favorite places to visit when we were young, Columbia and Jamestown. I’ll be sharing lots of pictures later. The kids are enjoying themselves as are we.

Post Falls, ID to Modesto, CA

For a while my posts are going to be those that I wrote while traveling on vacation to Modesto, CA to spend Thanks Giving with family. I wasn't able to find the time to go downtown to get a wireless connection to my laptop in order to upload my thoughts. So the next series of posts may seem a little outdated, but I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, Novemeber 16, 2006

We couldn’t wait any longer. We were supposed to leave on Friday, but since the car was packed Thursday night we left town about 8:00 pm on Thursday. The trip was torture this time. We have driven straight through with just the boys before, but never with all three children. Let’s just say we will not make the same mistake on the way back.

When we have done this in the past the two boys had room between them in the back seat, but this time with Jamie and our little Chevy S-10 Blazer they have no room to move. Not to mention they have to share one seat belt because there are only two seat belts in the back seat. So I had to listen to them scream at each other not to move because with every movement the belt would tighten up. It would have been a blessing to have been able to put Jamie between the two of them in her car seat. But truly they didn’t give me the biggest headaches like their sister.

Jamie has never had to make this trip before. We hoped that traveling Thursday night would allow her to sleep through the first part of the trip. Boy were we wrong. Apparently this girl doesn’t need much sleep. All three of the kids were awake well into the early morning hours. Jamie squirmed and screamed a lot. The worst part was when we got to Lodi, CA (about 30 minutes from our destination) and she woke up. She started screaming and DID NOT STOP until we got to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and pulled her out of the car seat. Nothing would calm her down.

No one was more grateful to be at Grandma’s then James and I. I had a headache and was ready to get out of the car and away from the screaming and fighting of the kids. Of course they were happy that they could get out and stretch their legs as well.

Lesson learned. It is possible to drive straight through with one of two children as long as they have plenty of room to stretch, but it’s stupid to do it with three. We will be stopping at a motel on the way back. No more straight through trips for us, at least not till the kids are older and we have a bigger vehicle.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Baby's 1st Sentence

Jamie put together her first series of word tonight. I almost didn't catch it because I had my hands full with Justin being sick. I went to get Justin a glass of water and Jamie is sitting in her high chair eating dinner. She says "wonna a dink." With her cute baby talk I wasn't sure what she was saying, so once again she practically screamed it, and let me tell you out of all my kids she has the biggest set of lungs. While she screams it she is pointing to the cabinet where I keep her cups. That's when it dawns on me. She was asking for a drink. It's the first time she has asked for something, other than her usual method of point, scream and jump.

I'm so glad I gave up the rat race two years ago. I missed out on so much with my boys, but I'm making up for it now. Even though I am starting my own business, my children go with me now. I went out yesterday to Art Galleries to promote my business. I've got to say I was very impressed with the kids. Jamie I had to pick up a few time, but Justin was great. I went in to one gallery where the owner was very interested in my product. We talked a lot longer than in the other galleries. I looked over at Justin to find him sitting Indian style in the middle of the floor with nothing near by him just quietly listening. I was so impressed my heart just sank. Of course they aren't that well behaved at home. I was proud of them yesterday, not to mention loving the option to be out there doing business with my children at my side.


Oh I can't wait. We got a light skiff of it this morning, but it's now melting. I finally got my lap top up and running, so I'm sitting here in my recliner, in front of my new Bay Picture Window and watching the snow fall. I'm going to enjoy it so much more this year now that I can enjoy the beauty of it from my warm and cozy front room.

I plan to sit here with my lap top and spend a lot of time writing my families books this winter. I have a lot of ideas and several books started. If only I had the money to start buying the ones that are finished.

We leave for California in a few weeks to visit our family. I'm looking forward to it. My husband's grandmother's health is failing. I plan to take advantage of this trip to interview her for a book that I will be writing about her. This may be my last chance, I hope not, but something in my gut says it may be.

I also haven't seen my best friend since 2004 when I last went down for my grandmother's funeral. She is so excited we are going down to CA that she has set aside one day just for us. She has also planned to host one of my celebrations and share this fabulous storybooking idea with her friends.

Stay warm and enjoy the snow. I know I will!

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