Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back in California

Oh God, I already miss home. There is no mistaking that we are back in
CA. We hit Sacramento right at the 6:30 rush hour traffic. It was insane!!! Spokane, your rush hour is a cake walk compared to this crap. I will say though I was very proud of my husband. I can still be a bit of an aggressive driver. I don’t think I ever lost that CA aggressiveness, but James on the other hand mellowed out when we moved up to Post Falls. He’s really laid back on the road. But as soon as we entered Sacramento he got his groove back. He we jumping in there and making room for himself. He wasn’t letting anyone push him around on the road. I will say that I was surprised that no one was honking at each other, even though I saw a lot of stupid reckless moves. I think we better time that better next time so that we don’t get caught in this on the way home.

Have you ever gone into Wal Mart on the weekend and thought what a zoo? Especially Christmas time. Well guess what Post Falls our zoo is nothing. Here it’s like Christmas all the time. I would hate to see Wal Mart at Christmas time here. Then of course there was another reminder of our old home town. You can’t ease drop on anyone’s conversations because they are all speaking Spanish. There are stores near my old home that I grew up in that the cashiers barely speak English! The part of town that my mother, father, and I all grew up in is now like a little mini Mexico.

I barely recognize my home town. It’s so over grown. But it was sure nice to drive by places and point and tell the kids, “that’s the park that flooded when your dad and I were dating,” “there was our favorite Chinese food place, and behind that is the first place we lived after we were married,” “we lived in that house around the corner from your Grandma.” Of course the youngest didn’t care, but our oldest was interested in where we were from. Now I think we will get around today, Sunday, and maybe take the kids up to one of our favorite places to visit when we were young, Columbia and Jamestown. I’ll be sharing lots of pictures later. The kids are enjoying themselves as are we.

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