Friday, September 30, 2005

Time flies.....when your having fun....or not!

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I have been on my blog site. I just finished a nine day stretch of work. You have to love Idaho. I use to work retail in California. You didn't have to work long stretchs like that with out a day off or no over time for it. It sucks! I'm tired and my back is sore from all the heavy stuff people put up on my register.

Tip: most heavy items have a sticker that can be taken off, they have a barcode at the register to scan, and if neither of those apply then we always have a hand held scanner to scan the items in your basket. For Pete's sake please help us save our backs!

Hopefully it will all be over soon. I talked to UPS this week and it's looking promising for next month. I'm waiting to hear back from them next week. The manager was on vacation when I called him, but he did answer his cell phone he had given me the number to and remembered me. No UPS will not be harder on my back. At least there I won't be reaching down the belt of a register for heavy items. Heavy items are not a problem for me when I can lift them properly in front of me.

I've been too tired to concentrate on my genealogy research, so I haven't touched in more then a month. I don't want to start researching and be so tired that I take a short cut and get off on the wrong track. So instead I've played mindless games on the computer and once again picked up my daughter's quilt to work on it. Her quilt may look difficult to most but it's second nature to me. I've been doing cross stich since I was a teenager. Right now I almost have the border done, soon I'll get started on the fun but difficult center.

I'm so happy fall is finally here. I can now quit mowing my lawn since it seems to be going dormant now. Oh and lounging around the house in my sweats working on a quilt while watching the rain fall out side......well it make for a beautiful day.

So speaking of such I am going to go take a shower, put on some sweats, pick up the quilt and watch for the rain to start.

Have a great day.

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