Sunday, November 20, 2005


Well I got as far as I could with the new information I had obtained about my husbands mother's family. Now it's time to take another break from the genealogy search. I don't go at this non stop.

If you are on the hunt for your family be prepared for this to take a long long time, maybe even years to find all the lines of your family. Don't get discouraged. I highly recommend when you hit several road blocks and you are feeling discouraged, then put it aside. I've done this several times because I didn't want to get burned out. I have other hobbies as well that I pick up when I need something new. I find that when I rotate my hobbies I don't get sick of them and I tackle them with new enthusiasm each time.

I picked up my daughter's quilt again this morning. As well as some cake decorating I'm going to tackle today. I've got two birthdays around the corner that I need to practice my cakes again for. My middle boy and daughter will both be having their birthday's next month and I'll make both of their cakes. I'll tell you it have gotten rediculouse how much a cake costs now, when I have found that my cakes taste just as good and look well almost as good.

This preciouse little think will be turning 1 year old in about three weeks and I need to come up with a cute cake idea for her birthday cake.

Then our middle boy will be four at the end of December and he has become a big fan of Bob the Builder. So for him I need to practice building a Bob and one of his trusty tractors. That should be a challenge.

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Bre said...

What a cutie pie.

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