Thursday, December 29, 2005


I'm just loving this! I think I'm getting hooked on eBay. I have been selling things on eBay that normally I would have just given away or paid several bucks to place an add in the paper to sell a large item. Not anymore. I need help paying the bills, well it's time to sell some of our old junk that I am finding out is someone else's treasure. I have even been able to sell some of our old exercise equipment here locally and only pay a couple dollars to put it in the auction for a week. Love it!

I think the sell that I was the most amazed at was a book. It was a Nora Roberts trilogy, hardcover. I had a few gals fighting over it. When it was all said and done the winner of the auction paid over $17 for a used book plus the shipping, total $23. The funny thing was that I had got that as part of a book special package where I only paid $0.99 for it! Now how cool is that.

I may possibly getting laid off at UPS for a while. They are reorganizing the Coeur d'Alene hub. So when my mom found out she called me the other morning and asked if I would like a bunch more things to put on eBay to sell. You bet! She decided that instead of having a yard sale she would give it to me so I can sell the items from the comfort of my home in order to help us through while I am laid off. Then if I don't get laid off then it'll help pay a few more bills.

There is always a way out of any hole. It's just a mater of how hard you want to work at it. So those of you cringing after your Christmas splurging think of selling some of your old junk instead of it collection dust in the basement. If you don't need the money then you can sell it on eBay and have a percentage of the proceeds donated to charity. I was happy to see them start that. I may consider doing this eBay think long term, and donate some of mine to charity when I get my family squared away. Family comes first though.

By the way if you need lawn care this summer think about Tri-Cut. They were behind helping make our Christmas special this year. Their business finally started doing good this year and she felt like giving to someone. She enjoyed it so much that she would like to do this each year. She wants to find a family that isn't in poverty persay but who has just had a rough year and make their Christmas special like ours. So remember when you have a need for landscaping, sprinkler systems and lawn care give Tri-Cut a call at 208-704-2490. They give back to the community. Tell them Amy sent you.


Bre said...

got anymore exercise equipment left?

amyrebba said...

Bre, yes I do. Go here: to see the weight set I have on eBay, but hurry it only has 5 hours left. It is currently at $117 and well worth more. It's a great set, barely used. Also I have a treadmill I'm thinking about selling, but it need the heart monitor.

Bre said...

Thanks for responding, I don't like treadmills and I'm not into wieghts. =( I ended up ordering a gazelle, I still need some sort of ab thing that supports your neck and head, got any of those? =) Don't you just love ebay! We've gotten so many great deals off of it and sold some stuff too.

Anonymous said...

amy,any tips on how to get started from scratch as an ebay seller?

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