Friday, March 24, 2006

Breath, just breath!

I keep telling myself that but somehow it isn't working. My oldest is home the rest of this week for teachers conference week and then next week is spring break. Why does it have to be raining today? All I hear myself saying today is "quit" "stop that" "quiet" "leave your brother alone!"
Oh, Just Shut Up!

I want so bad to go ahead and let them go play in the rain. If they keep it up I just might. I've also cut back on their TV watching, boy was that bad timing. It's easy with just the two littlest really. But when my oldest boy is home they drive me crazy. The oldest does little things to irritate his brother. The younger brother just belts him a good one once in a while, and amazingly, considering there is four years between them, he can bring his big brother to his knees. Then I end up listening to them both cry.

I'm laughing now, but earlier I had to separate them. My oldest called his brother over to show him something and when he walked over to him the oldest stuck out his foot and tripped him. This is what happens all the time. Then the oldest innocently, like he knew nothing, asked "what happened? Are you okay"

youngest, crying "no!"

Oldest still innocent "well where does it hurt?"

youngest screaming " my butt! Now leave me alone!!"

That was the clearest I had heard my mumbling youngest speak in a long time. All I could do is tell one to go to one area of the house and the other to another. The whole time glad they couldn't see me behind the computer smiling.

Please stop raining so I can send them outside. They spent the whole day outside yesterday and never once begged to watch TV, like they have already done ten times this morning, and amazingly got along pretty well outside. Either that or they solved their own problems in their own way and never brought it to me.

The baby is now sleeping but she added to the drama for a while too. Her Daddy is spoiling her so rotten by holding her so much in the evening while I'm at work. Now she expects me to hold her all the time too. Well I think it's great that Daddy has the time now to spend with the kids, but it drives me crazy how spoiled she is. So today when she wouldn't stop screaming and crying because I had put her down, I finally had to go put her in her crib and let her fuss herself to sleep.

Now I have seperated the boys after more fights. While they set and think I am going to go take a moment for myself in a bath with a good book, and just breath nice and deep.

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Word Tosser said...

Amy, when my boys were young, they drove me nuts with their fighting. The Twins were the worse as there was no give or take ..they were equal. Where as the older two would give into the other, usually the younger one.
Now they are all good buddies. They range from 43 down to 38. Told them I rather they fight now then when at home with me.
But anyway, Erma Bomback was on Phil Donhue's show. A person in the audience said she has a son 6 and one 8 and she wanted to know when they stop fighting.
Erma told her... when they are between the ages 50 and 55. And everyone laughed. I thought about that and I know why Erma thought the fighting stops at that age. You see if the boys are in their 50's the mother has to be in her late 70's or early 80's. Making her either dead or deaf.
Hang in there, Amy...wait until they are teens. It doesn't get pretty.. but after 20 is good.

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