Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Have you seen the Citi Bank commercial? The man in the train or the man cooking while trying to dial all the options in order to get to the “right representative?” Ever have the computer ask for your account number and then when you do finally get someone what is the first thing they ask for, your account number?! Where has customer service gone?

Try doing that with three children, cleaning house, cooking, and my many other tasks each day. I don’t want to select options with a computer. I WANT A HUMAN!!!!!!!


I’ve even got two companies that as soon as I pay them off I will never use them again, Providian and Dell Computers. Not only do you spend a half hour on the phone just trying to get a human, but when you do finally do get one they can’t speak English very well because there are in India, Japan, or Ten Buck Two and they are not above lying to you just to try and please you for the moment so they can get you off the phone. Well the last one that tried that with me I told to cancel my credit card because they obviously didn’t want my business.

Throw Computer

So here is a way around the stupid, humorless, cold computers. Try this website before you make your next call. www.gethuman.com
. This guy has put together all the tips and cheats in order to get past that computer and get a human. Just keep your fingers crossed that you can understand the human.


Toni said...

I just went round and round with Verizon over the same type issue. I tried to pay my bill on line and it never posted. I tried calling "a person"......what a joke! There are no people that answer phones anymore, they are some sort of robots. I guess it is called progress......phooey.....

Word Tosser said...

One of my pet peeves.... I agree... I feel like an idiot as I write down the number I think might be the choice I need, but need to listen to the other choices incase there is a better one. Only to be told to go back to the first choice. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
if they are recording as the computer is talking, they will hear me saying...I WANT TO TALK TO HUMAN... a real live American speaking HUMAN...

Mrs. Mac said...

This is a common topic in our home. It took me half a day to cancel AOL a few years ago!! After I got a human, they still didn't believe I would up and cancel my service.

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