Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm still here!!!

It's nice to know your missed. I'll try to be better about posting once in a while. I just get so involved in my hobbies sometimes. So Word Tosser thanks for the little jab

First my best friend isn't hear yet, and I just found out some potentially bad news from her today. The doctors thought her son had serious asthma. Well they ran asthma and allergy tests on him this week and nothing. Now they are thinking it may be possible that he has Cystic Fibrosis. One of his cousins already does. So we are all waiting to see what happens. So everyone keep this little boy in your thoughts and prayers.

So what am I doing that has kept me away from my blogging buddies? You guessed it more family research. Well, let's back up first. First we sold the Trans Am to a guy in Canada, then we filed our taxes and got back a hefty return, then we paid of several bills!!!! God does that feel good. Now I can breath again. Now I could afford to sign up for Those of you researching you family, it's a great website for giving you more history and possible helping you break though those brick walls you encounter. I have only managed to break down one brick wall so far, and use census records to confirm another generation of my family that I already suspected was connected. Mostly though I am going back and trying to find every family member (at least those in my direct line) in the census records. I'm doing this so that I can gather as much information as I can about each family, like where they lived every 10 years, where they worked or occupation, ages, neighbors and potential spouse to their children in some cases. I plan to gather all this information for how ever long it takes until I have the generations completed that I want and then I will do scrap books with copies of the census, certificates, pictures and more as I tell a story about where our family came from and where they are going. I also came across two more family members. They would have been second cousins twice removed of my grandmother. One lived in PA and the other one in GA, I think. They have helped my complete the Hoard line of our family for as far back as anyone has found. But again as with the others the most precious part are the pictures we shared with each other. I was able to complete a part of the family that the one gals mother knew very little about because they had lost contact with our family when they moved to CA. There are so many website out there that can help in researching ones family, but it's the sharing with other family members you didn't even know existed that is so much more special.

I've also been decorating the babies room. I'll share more of that when I have it done.

Oh and UPS is going great. I'm now moving into the clerk position, so those of you living in the CDA area, if you come in to pick up a package in the evening you'll most likely get me. I take over in about a week. Oh and the latest is Post falls, Rathdrum, Hauser and those areas will be handled out of the Spokane hub now. Our hub just isn't big enough to handle the volume anymore. Yea! Life gets easier for us!!

Take care all.


Phil said...

Nice to hear things are going well.

Word Tosser said...

Good to have you back!!!
Sounds like the family research is still going well. And to find more relatives is cool...

Sorry to hear about your best friends little boy, hope it turn out ok. Will this postpone her trip here, or are they still coming.
Sure hope they still are going to come as nothing gets you over the lumps of life.... like a good friend.

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