Sunday, August 13, 2006

Big Al's Mud Bog at Stateline

We've had our weekends so tied up with the remodel that we decided to take a brake yesterday and go do something. James had heard about the Mud Bogs at Big Al's on KIX96. So that's where we decided to go.

We got there a bit early, but not too early. I pulled out my camera to check it and realized the batteries were dead. Then I pulled out the second set of batteries, put them in, and you guessed it they were dead too. Someone had unplugged my battery charger! Oh well.

So we know its probably about 3:45 and the show starts at 4:00. We go in to pay, and they are no where near being ready. The one girl looks at her watch and says "Well it's not even four yet, so....." Talking to the girl that asked what to do about getting our tickets she then says "We need you to....." As if we aren't even there. Instead of politely telling us it's not four yet, their not quit ready, can we please wait, she was put out by us. Then the two older women who runs the show got the items they needed and came back to us and took our money and gave us our wrist bands, and were much nicer about it then their younger protege's. Understandable so they asked us to please go out and around because they couldn't allow the kids through the bar, so we did.

We get back there and first impressions are everything. Something apparently these people haven't yet figured out. You would think they could at least get a weed eater and chop down the weed that were up around your feet if you set on the bleachers. Well then we realized that the bleachers weren't even set in the right place to see the show. Basically this was a bring your own chair type of show. But some of the staff was nice enough to bring several picnic tables down and line them up so we could sit on the tables to see the show. So now things were looking a little better.

As we are waiting for the show to get on the road I went to get us drinks and snacks. This would be my next surprise of the night. I go to the stand to find that it is being ran by four very unorganized teenagers. I have nothing against teenagers running the stand, but when left alone with out an adult to help them the operation doesn't run very smoothly. The quiet young boy seemed to know the most, but he didn't have very much control over the three lost looking girls. Then I find out that they don't have any cold sodas yet, but they do give us glasses of ice to go with our drinks. Wouldn't you think that if you were planning an event like this that happens more then once you would be prepared enough to have sodas on ice and the kids running the stand would be trained enough to know what they are doing? Just my opinion I guess.

So again we were still waiting for the show to get on the road. James looks at me and says "Gee I think we should have waited 'til 6:00 to show up." Because I was almost that time and still no mud bogging. Not to mention the kids are getting bored and driving us crazy.

The show was finally getting close and we were hungry, so I go back to the stand. I order two hot dogs for the boys and two hamburgers for me and James. Of course that again takes forever, but at least this time they had sodas that were cold! So my kids help me carry the food back and we start to eat. About two bites into my hamburger I was completely groused out by the fact that my hamburger was raw in the center. James quit eating his too, but didn't want anything more. I was still hungry so I marched back over to that stand and asked the young kid if I could please have a hot dog instead and showed him the hamburger. He was groused out too, and gladly gave me a hot dog.

Finally the show starts! It was a good show. Lots of broken down trucks, lots and lots of mud, and plenty of good natured personality with all the contestants. They even had the Powder Puff run with two women running probably their boyfriend or husband's truck, because the trucks had previously been ran by the guys. Well the one girl went through their in an orange Chevy Blazer, Amanda I believe. Even though she had a really good truck that won many of the races it really wasn't much of a win this time because the other girl broke down in the middle of the bog. Her guy gets out and starts looking at the truck. They then realize it is broke and call to be towed out. While he is hooking it up he says "she broke my truck!" It must have really broke good, because he didn't race anymore.

Then there was a break that was only suppose to be a half hour while a few guys fixed minor problems with their trucks. I think that turned into more of an hour. But they did have a few fun things with the crowd while waiting. One was they threw several water bottles in the mud pit and had those who wanted to have some fun in the mud get out there and dig for them. That was quit a sight. But the real entertainment came when they were all trying to clean the mud off their clothes. We happened to be standing by the water hose. We had one old man who I would say was a little drunk near us making lots of comments, sometimes funny. But it was the people all muddy that were funny to watch. Especially the kids. One father is pushing his now head to tow muddy daughter toward the water. She is already shivering, and then they turn the hose on her. She is still shivering, but she takes it. Then there was a young bog who just walks up, lifts his hands in the air and lets the guy with the hose just hose him down. Then one of the guys who was muddy, he knew the guy with the hose, ran up and hugged him. Now the hose guy had to wash off and he wasn't even in the mud pit. It was all good fun.

Later more races happened and we stayed to see some, but at about 8:00 we had to leave. Jamie was extremely cranky, which was evident when we get just a little ways down the street and she is already conked out.

Now Christopher is talking about wanting to do this with his dad. They are now discussing how the Dodge would do in something like that. Great! Actually that would be fun for James and Christopher to do something like that.

A piece of advice if you are going to Big Al's Mud bogs. It is a lot of fun once the show finally gets going and the announcer has a great sense of humor too. But bring you own comfortable folding chair. My butt and my feet are still sore from sitting on the tables or standing. Also bring your own food, the lines are too long, not in length but in wait time, and the hamburgers aren't cooked very well. Otherwise the show is great and you'll have a great time.

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