Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cowboys and Cowgirl

We finally took a break from the remodeling. We took the kids to Grandma and Grandpa's for the day on Sunday. Mom and Dad had just gotten back their horse Bunny, so the kids were anxious to ride her.

Our oldest has decided he wants to be a cowboy. So his back to school clothes consisted mostly of western wear. I was very pleased. I'm just glad he hasn't gotten into the idea of wearing his pants below his ass and showing off more then any child should be allowed to. He is turning out to be a very loving and considerate young many. He makes me proud! He is even showing interest in farming, computers, and history, just like his mama. I think I may have to look into getting him into 4H.

Then there is the middle boy, who braved the big beast again. The last time he was on a horse was their other horse Fally. She is a little more skiddish. When he was on her James was holding the lead rope, something spooked her and she took off. Our little boy couldn't hold on and fell, but at least he was smart and quick enough to roll away from her, and wasn't hurt. But Sunday he was fine with getting on Bunny. When we asked him is he also wanted to ride Fally his answer was a very clear "NO!"
Then there is our baby girl who being afraid of hieghts at her age wasn't so sure about the big beast Grandpa was putting her on. But the dog was more her size. Giddy-up-Doggy! I'm afraid we may have a future Rodeo Queen on our hands. Posted by Picasa

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