Monday, May 07, 2007

Post Falls Police Department NO Common Sense!

At this point I am fuming. What the heck are my tax dollars paying for. What for the Post Falls Police to tell us "we don't have enough evidence. We can't prove they had your property. We can't bring them in for questioning." It's a load of BS. We have gotten nothing but the run around.

So let me address each one of those pathetic excuses:

  • We don't have enough evidence. Let's see I put our detective in touch with Liberty Lake Police department who have a witness that saw tires, matching ours to a T in the possession of a known meth addict. What they don't seem to get, and I'll give them credit they are police not car guys, but our tires are very unique. That's why they caught the attention of an employeee at Liberty Lake Altons. There aren't too many 15" rims with 8 holes. most 15" rims have 6 holes. Then add to that 38" SuperSwampers. They aren't the norm. I know that Chris saw our tires and the police won't do anything even though they know who the witch is that had them. YES THAT'S RIGHT, THEY KNOW THE WOMEN WHO WAS IN POSSESSION OF THEM AND WAS TRYING TO SELL THEM at Liberty Lake Alton's. How much more evidence do you need to at least question her?
  • We can't prove they were your property. Again bring the witch in, question her, find out where the tires are or where she sold them and I'll tell you and show you pictures to prove they are my tires. But the police claim it's too hard to locate here because she is a meth addict and crashes at many different addresses. Give me her name and I'll find her, and I'll prove she has my tires!
  • We can't bring them in for questioning. Are you kidding me. If you really wanted to get to the bottom of this you would.


Well that's just not possible. That vehicle was on no op. It wasn't running so we didn't insure it. We aren't made of money. So we just lost a $2000 set of tires and the police department manage to come up with every excuse in the books.

But you know what's funny to me.

  1. Liberty Lake already knew who this woman was. She already has a reputation of meth use and suspect possession of stolen property. Have you ever heard "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck" So go get the dang duck and make her quack for Pete's sake.
  2. We weren't the only ones robbed. The automotive shop behind us has been hit numerous times and yet he says the police department doesn't seem to do a whole heck of a lot for him either. On this last robbery he called them back to do finger prints. They told him they couldn't work with that. There were finger prints all over that car, especially above the tire wells.

Gee I wonder why insurance rates are so stinkin' high. Gee could it be because the police never spend much time or effort in looking for stolen property and at least bringing suspects in for questioning.

Not only that our crime rates really are high here in Post Falls and climbing. I wonder why. Like Dr. Phil says, "we teach people how to treat us" So what are the police teaching the criminals? It's okay to steal. You just make more paperwork for us. The victim will just file with the insurance and you can go support your nasty habit with their property.

I will say in defense of police officers. They can only do so much. It's the laws, judges, and prosecutors who think there isn't enough evidence to pursue a criminal, or issue a warrant. As far as I'm concerned that is ridiculous.

Well I guess I need to just make peace with the fact that we will never see our tires again because the Post Falls Police department doesn't have ENOUGH EVIDENCE.

Here is just one more thing I found while doing some research and digging into the amount of crime in Post Falls.

  • 2001 had 1152 crimes and 1115 arrests 97% arrest rate
  • 2002 had 1258 crimes and 1098 arrests 87%
  • 2003 had 1485 crimes and 1096 arrests 73%
  • 2005 had 1200 crimes and 882 arrests 73%
  • 2006 had 1366 crimes and 957 arrests 70%

2005 & 2006 according to the Spokesman Review more than half were related to drug use. Yeah that wasn't brain surgery.

(sources: 2001-2003 Agency/County Information, page 176, 2003 crimes in ID & 2004-2005 Spokesman Review, "Post Falls Crime on the Rise, " Hope Brumbach, April 19, 2007)

See the trend there? Our arrests rate declines each year, but not because crime declines. In fact in all years except for 2004 it was higher than the previous year. So what does that tell you? They aren't arresting the criminals and cleaning up our town.

So how do we make a difference? By getting involved. Help out our police. Our detective didn't have to do all the leg work himself. I actually spent days on the phone following leads I got and then letting him know. The next time you have something stolen. Don't be lazy and just file with your insurance. Protect our insurance rates, and help the police catch the criminals. Make calls, visit pawn shops or any where else they may try to sell the property.

And for Pete's sake if you have drug users and especially dealers in your neighborhood, start a log of all the license plates that come and go and report them. Let's clean our town up. Get your neighbors involved in calling the police and reporting them.


Word Tosser said...

such bull... they could at least interview the gal... what the harm of that. I know Post Falls is growing so fast they can't keep up and the police sure can't keep up. but to not even talke to her.. oh, give me a break..

Word Tosser said...

YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED... Sam tagged me... now I tag you...
Go to my blog and see the rules and game...

Anonymous said...

great blog I stumbled on, from a fellow PostFallsian :)

I had my fingerprints taken eons ago for a highprofile Govt.job I was asked to do for the govt.
Now for another issue, I need a copy of them.

Anyone know where I can get them, or get them done again in/near Post Falls/Hayden/CDA area?

The cops said they do for their own issues, not for the public.

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