Friday, June 22, 2007

Life has happened again.

Once again the title of my blog rings true in my life. I've not been blogging for a while because I've been dealing with life.

James lost his job back in March. We knew it was only a matter of time, but sometimes no matter what you do you just can't get prepared for something like that. The only way he was prepared is that he was already looking into changing his career completely. That's exactly what he did. The next day he was at Sage Trucking registering for his training.

Also if you read my previous posts you'll know that we had the awful experience of having the tires stolen off one of our vehicles, and we've not heard anymore from the Post Falls Police. Since I haven't done anymore work on trying to track them down, they haven't either. I've not heard another peep in weeks. I think it's strange that they know who the meth addict woman is that was seen with them. But their line is they can't prove that she was seen with my tires and therefore they can't issue a warrant for her arrest. Come on people does it take a rocket scientist to figure that one out? And I find it hard to believe that she hasn't been arrest since then for something else. Can you not question her? Oh well I guess I need to just move on and realize that Post Falls is becoming a big town and that crime is a big part of that. You just can't trust everyone in a big town especially when there is a problem with drugs in the area. I can't wait to finish the remodel on our place and sale it. The next time I buy a home it will be in a little town out in the middle of nowhere!

I've also been spending my time doing online freebie site trading to help supplement his unemployment until he got back to work. I've made about $2000 since March when I started this. Now it's turned into something larger than I ever imagined. I've now partnered with another gal and we are teaching online evening classes so people can learn how to green on freebie sites and get paid for it. Now we have other sites and forums wanting to sponsor us. I'll tell you all about it when we make it public. But I really have found a way to make money and help others do the same from home on the Internet.

No I haven't forgotten about my dream to become a professional genealogist. I'm still working on that too. Which I've gained three more new customers because people have found out on the freebie sites that I do genealogy research. So I'm doing both. It's great!

So now I'm officially a truck drivers wife. I do miss him and I know he misses me and the kids. On the other hand his back has hardly been bothering him at all. This is definitely a good change as far as his back is concerned and the pay is good. Hopefully it will help us get caught up on our bills.

My neighbor who has been promising to do my yard for nearly a year got started on it last weekend. We aren't done by any means, but we got started. The greenhouse has now been completely leveled and crushed in and the hole started filling up. But now I have the pleasure of dealing with a dirt yard and three children playing in it. Not fun! I sweep at least two times a day and mop daily. Yeah I know I'm being crazy, but I've never been able to handle dirt on my bare feet. I don't like the feeling.

Well that's pretty much what has kept me away for a couple month. Now I'm off to my parents to visit with my cousin and her family who came up for the weekend.

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