Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Perfect SAHM Money Maker

I know I have neglected my poor blog, but it's been for a good reason. Now it's time to introduce it to you other Stay At Home Moms (and Dads). It's the world of freebie site trading.

Now I'm going to tell you right now this is no way to get rich, and is not a way to replace steady income. Don't quit your job to do this. But this can be a great way to supplement your income, SAHM can contribute to family income, pay off a bill or pay for a vacation. My point is it isn't steady reliable income, but it is a way to make some extra cash. You could make anywhere from a few hundred extra bucks a month to a couple thousand. It just depends how much you want to work at it.

There are two ways you can make money in this freebie trading industry. One is for beginners the other method is for more experienced traders.

Beginners Method

With this method you are being paid to try offers and go GREEN for the experienced traders. It's not too hard to do, but it can be overwhelming at first. The keys to being sucessful are to stay organized and do your homework.

So how does this method work. Well in a nut shell you agree to trade your green for say $25 on a freebie site. The trader you agree to work with will set the trade up in what ever forum you are working from (and I will talk about forums more later).

Then you will:
  1. Sign into that site under your trader with their referral link
  2. Provide your personal information (which must be accurate) to create you account and at that point you are YELLOW.
  3. Then you will complete offers to obtain one full credit. On some sites you can get by with one offer to as many as six offers to get your credit. When you get your one full credit you are then GREEN.
  4. Then you wait until your trader pays you. Payment times can vary depending on the method you and your trader agreed to. If the terms were payment on Green then you should be paid with in 24 hours of going green, but if the terms were on approval then you must wait until the trader receives approval from the freebie site to be paid and that could take a month give or take.

So if you did BMG Music for $13 and two $1 monthly subscription trial, you will have spent $15. Then after you trader pays you $25 via PayPal you will have made $10 profit and gotten three great offers that you might have done some day on your own, but with this you got paid to do them and made a little extra on top of it. Other times you may get to do a site where you make $35 for your green and only need to spend about $10 to go green for a $25 profit. All the while you are getting great product you might have baught on your own anyway and paid full price for.

Well that's going green in a nut shell, but there is a lot more to it than that. Which is why my partner and I have started a Newbie (new traders are refered to as Newbies in the industry) Live Online Training to teach others how to do this. It's a great way to get to know other fellow traders. It makes the online trading thing less scary when you know people by name and get to know a little about who they are. Right now Lori and I are in the process of putting together a website about our Newbie Live Training and when we finish I will update my blog.

The Real Money

It's great to make money trying products you'll enjoy, but inevitable at some point you will run out of offers to do. At that point it's time to jump the fence and be an experianced trader. Which is where the real money is.

Now it's your turn to train other newbies to go green and pay them for their green. This side of the fence I find a bit easier, but you still need to be very organized and willing to work. Now you will spend your time posting in the forums (which I will list next, I promise), responding to messages, and training newbies to go green. It's not for the lazy. It works best if you put some time and thought into it.

So how do you make money on this side. Well lets take for example the site that you went green on for $25. Now you need to choose a gift you want to work for. When starting out I recommend starting small. So let's choose the $150 via PayPal prize and you only need three referalls to get that.

Steps to Paying for Greens:

  1. Post in the forum (I promise I'm close to giving you the list!) in the Trading Center. Make your title very catchy. If you can't get people to open your thread than it doesn't matter what's inside. But once they open it keep their attention with a great post. Let people know what you are working on, how much you are willing to pay (generally about 50% if good) for thier green, what your payment terms are, and anything else important for your traders to know.
  2. When you get that first interested person, go ahead and do a Happy Dance! Then get to work. Chances are that person is a newbie and will need a lot of help. So first you communicate with them and find out how much they know about going green and make sure they know the definate do's and don'ts.
  3. Once they are comfortable with all of this then you set up the trade in the forum (the list is coming up).
  4. Then you wait for them to go green and probably help them when they get stuck.
  5. Last of course you pay them when they have gone green, or you wait until you have all three of your referalls. Then you submit for approval, and if your terms were payment after approval then you would pay them at that point.

Now with this you can see that you are going to make a lot more money (though it's not alwasy stead). So if you went for the $150 prize and you paid out $25 for three referals to get that the you paid $75 and made a $75 profit. Chances are with only needing three referals you would be able to do that in about a week if not sooner.

To give you an example I started in mid February, but didn't get many payments until March. The first part of March I was doing greens. I did greens for about three weeks before I jumped the fence. In March I made about $200, April was my big month at about $1750 (about half going ot refs though), May was $480 (half in my pocket) and June well it was a bad month at $280. So you can see that this can give you some extra cash to help with the bills, but don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Freebie Site Forums

Free Lunch Room

This forum has grown quickly and has many traders in it. It's where I got started so it's special to me. They are currently making some improvements. You'll find me on there and all the forums as amyrebba and my partner as lekrtk00.

Freebie Trading Center

The newest and latest up and coming forum in the Freebie Industry. I know the gal who runs this forum. She needs help to promote this forum, but she's got a user friendly forum that I like. I've got high hopes for this one. This is my other forum that I trade on.

There are two more big forum out there. Personally I don't care much for them. They tend to attract a younger full of attitude generation and they are rather difficult to get started on. But for your information they are:



So there you have it. An overview of what I've been doing with all of my spare time for the last few months. And now I need to make dinner so that I can be ready for one of our next Online Training Sessions.


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I prefer to work on a4f.

amyrebba said...

I've started giving a4f another chance. I've seen somethings lately where they did the right thing and really impressed me. So I am giving a4f another look. I will say they have their spam issues under control. You have to love that. Maybe we'll bump into each other there.

But FiPG is definatly not for me.

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Yeah, I'm not even a member of fipg and I notice it sucks whenever I read some of the stuff there.

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