Monday, October 17, 2005

Employees are Assets

If you will remember I did a post a while back about how so many companies treat their employees more as a liability then as an asset. I think I have found an exception to the rule.

UPS definitely treats their employees as an asset to the company. I will be starting at $8.50/hr. Which really isn't bad to start for this area. But what makes this hard labor worth it is the benefits. My family will now have full medical, dental, and vision benefits at no charge to me. The company pays in full all of it! Not to mention the vacation time, sick days, personal days, retirement and much more.

However, they really do work hard to pick employees that they think can handle the hard work and who will dedicate themselves to the company.

By the way you can apply now for UPS online at They will also be hiring for temporary Christmas help soon.

I spent my first day going through orientation by watching videos and filling out all that fun paperwork. But all the people that I got a chance to meet today had great attitudes and I liked. Let's hope that everyone is like that.


Bre said...

Are you going to be delivering? I wonder if you'll deliver to my work, we get deliverys daily. Do you work at the CDA one or is there a Post Falls one?

amyrebba said...

I do work at the Cda one, but no I will be doing the night loading. I need to work at night in order to stay home with the kids and avoid daycare. But maybe a few years (about 5) from now when the kids are in school I'll look at moving in that direction. The delivery drivers get paid very very well!

Bre said...

I'm so dreading the whole daycare thing. When I have a baby I'm going to have to switch jobs, the hubby and I both work 9-6, there is no way the kids will be in daycare for 40 hrs a week.

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