Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"Enough is Enough!!!!!"

In Oprah's words "Enough is enough!" It's time we put an end to this epidemic in our country! I hope everyone had an opportunity to see Oprah's show today on Sex Offenders. I don't know about you, but like Oprah I am sick, sick, sick and tired of hearing about another child being violated by an offender who has violated BEFORE!!!!!!

What is wrong with this country? How many children have to be violated and even loose their lives before we start putting a value on the life and welfare of our children? I like how the one detective classified it "we have a health crisis on our hands." Now does that get anyone's attention? Our children's health and lives are in jeopardy.

Let’s start today and let these people know they ARE NOT IN ANY FASHION WELCOME in our society. Stop making excuses for them, like “oh his daddy molested him and he can’t help it” Bull shit. These sex offenders are sick. Lets shun them from our neighborhoods, not do business with these ass holes, do not give them jobs, let them know they are nothing more then the dirt of the earth, and I say lets put them away for good!!!! I don’t mean the little offenses like a 21 year old who gets involved with a consenting 17 year old and commits statutory rape. I mean the ass holes who rape and molest, who stalk or even choose their victims at random, and especially if they have re-offended.

So where do we start, first at home? Educate your self. I have discovered a website where you should start your search, www.mapsexoffender.com. Put in your address and find out where the offenders live near you. How many times have we heard of children being violated by a neighbor that the family knew? Don’t think it can’t happen to you. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you and your family! If your state does not have a registry then you have a lot more work to do then some of us. You have to some how get your state to start a registry and don’t give up. My mother had a way of dealing with the law when they wouldn’t listen to her and do anything about the drugs and prostitution in our neighborhood in California when I was a girl. She called them every night, sometimes several times. An officer told us later that it was her continued, unrelenting, persistent calls that put them in action. So do not take no for an answer. Your hard work will pay off.

Next, common sense, we’ve heard it many times. Talk to and educate your children on what to look for.  Have your children walk to and from school or the bus in a group. Not one at a time. If your child is the only one who rides the bus in your neighborhood, then meet your child at the bus. If that isn’t possible for some reason then demand that the school districts drop your child off and pick them up at your home. Again don’t take no for an answer. You want to know how to deal with the schools and get your way. Take your child out of school until they do what is safe for your child. My mother did that with my brother and a problem teacher one time. Three days later the school agreed to move my brother to another class if she would let him come back to school. Hit them in the pocket book, and believe me it works.

Yes my mother is a very strong stubborn woman, but her family is the most important thing to her.

Last, but definitely not least. Parents let’s plug back into our families. I may do a separate post on this later. But to scratch the surface, don’t send your children to the mall with some cash, go with them. Parents, monitor what your children wear. When we allow our 12 year old daughters to dress like a 20 year old hooker we might as well call the predator in our neighbor hood up and say “here Merry Christmas, here is my daughter.” I don’t care how much of a fit my daughter throws. She will never dress like some children I see.  Don’t allow your children to be at home alone! We saw what happened to the Groene family. If a sicko like Duncan can overtake a family and do what he did, think about it do you think your twelve year old daughter can defend herself let alone her younger siblings? There is so much more to this I will cover in a future post.

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