Friday, October 28, 2005

It's free and very helpful.

I have been researching our family genealogy for months now. I have found that my favorite website is
  • Roots Web
  • This website is free and I have been able to uncover many lines of our family here.

    You can enter simply the name or dates and places if you have them as well. It will bring up anyone that matches that criteria, and hopefully you will find other family member's names and dates related to that person. In some case people have also posted stories and information about people, which I truly love. Not only do I want to find my ancestors, but I also want to know more about their life if possible.

    Give it a try. Start with you grandparents and see if you don't uncover something you didn't know, or people you didn't know existed.

    There is also which you can find a lot of information on and is a very useful tool in your search. I have found it really cuts your search time in half, but it costs about $200 per year. I used their two week free subscription and really got the ball rolling on my search, but I can't afford their site right now.

    Happy hunting

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    stebbijo said...

    My husband did the genealogy thing a while back and it was VERY enlightening. In fact he found out he was NOT related to anyone with our last name.

    His discovery, however, came way too late. Funny how some families really do keep secrets in the closets. If he had not done this, his mother may not have remembered that his grandfather changed his last name and then carried it through to his father. My husband's side of the real family name are the black sheep of the Lucent Technologies Corporation AND his great uncle invented the first digital computer and was a math professor at Dartmouth. My husband is a computer geni-ass (my pet name) and self taught. It was a pity this secret was not remembered sooner. He died just a few years before he found out. He would have loved to have meant the man.

    Amazing what you can find when you go digging.

    Google Search