Monday, January 09, 2006

More eBay

Any Ladies out there looking to pick up golfing this year? I just posted a barely used set of golf clubs on eBay today. Our user name is jamessnapon. Check them out! Great starter set!

Anyway life is okay. We are making it week to week. I'll be glad when I know for sure rather or not I'm going to be laid off though.

I will be posting my Trans AM for sale, hopefully tomarrow. It's a very hot looking car. I get lots of looks and comments on how hot it looks. So you might want to check it out if you are looking for a nicely used car this year.


Bre said...

Wow, that is a hot looking car. I sure didn't picture a mom driving such a hot car. =) Unfortunatly I'm not looking for a car. I'm sure you'll find a buyer though.

stebbijo said...

You are kidding!

I am going to post my van with NO heater! Both my husband and I are not working! Soon very soon -- we hope to be sweating again.

Toni said...

Oh, I love it. I had a 71 Torino, yellow, with sports stripe, real muscle car. It was my pride and joy; in the car cemetery someplace now.

Side Note said...

I drive a Saturn. Great gas mileage but not as sweet as that Trans Am. Funny thing, I think of Trans Ams and Camaros as kinda white trash cars, you know, the old models from the late seventies. Maybe it is because I had a 1978 Camaro and it looked great with my mullet. But, boy oh boy, that is one fine looking car. How much?

amyrebba said...

Actually Side Note, it just sold for $4500.00 to a man in Canada. He'll be picking it up in a few days.

Anonymous said...
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