Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My how time flies

Yes once again I have been burried in my family genealogy. I'm sure you have noticed I haven't been online much. I have had the most rewarding couple of weeks, both with my research and with eBay.

First an update on eBay. Wow, where to start. First my car is going to sell. Which is both a good and a bad thing. The bad thing is I'm sure going to miss her. I have loved that car, and this will be the first time I have sold a car out of necessity and not just because I wanted something new. I also made over $400 on a box of books that my mother gave me to try and sell. All the books were about cat from her cat breeding days. We had no idea the value of that box. I listed the books and with in a matter of minutes I started get bids (very unusual). One of the books sold for $300!!! As I watched the auction over the days I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I called my mom up and asked her what the deal was on this one book. She's was baffeled and explained that she had only paid about $50 for the book in the early 90's. So then we got on Amazon.com and saw that this book was selling only as a used book for $300 for acceptable condition to $650 for like new condition. I even corrisponded with a gal in Indonesia who really needed this book, but couldn't afford it. She said that book she has seen sale for as high as $1250. The book was Feline Husbandry by an author who was a professor at UC Davis, and the book is no longer in production but so highly sought after. So you never know when you might have something you think is junk but may turn out to be a treasure!

Now I'm sure several of you are wondering what is going on with my beloved car. Well it will sale. So far the highest bidder is in Canada, but I also have a couple very interested parties, one in Seattle. So far it is at $4500 which is the reserve I set, but I have a feeling it will go a little higher because the guy in Seattle hasn't even bid yet.

So why was my week so rewarding with my family history research? I made contact with reletives and recieved picutres! It was wonderful. I stumbled across another email while searching my mother's family of someone else searching the same. I emailed her, and she also put me in touch with another cousin. They both turned out to be second cousins to my grandmother who pasted away just a few days before my high school graduation. We have been exchanging information and photos back and forth. We now know a great deal about our HOARD roots.

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