Monday, May 23, 2005

Who moved my cheese

I recently had the privilege of giving a speech based on the book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

I had a different speech written and then one night I picked this book up just for something to read. When I was done I trashed my speech and wrote a completely new one. The story in this book so moved me. If you haven't read this book you need to. I can relate to this at so many points in my life. If you are a manager, especially of a company that goes through changes, you need not only to read this, but give it to your employees too.

Some changes in my life I have chosen for myself, so I was willing and able to adjust quickly. Such as moving to Idaho from California. We choose the change, and even though nervous about how it would turn out, we embraced the change and made it work.

Then there are other things that we don't choose in life that happen anyway. That's when some people have trouble adjusting. My first experience was when I was fired from a photography studio. I HATED the job after the new manager came in and fired the photographer, but to be fired was scary. I called my husband in tears over being fired. He simply asked "well what's the problem? I thought you hated it there and wanted out." I blubbered out "well yea, but I didn't want to be fired. I've never been fired!" It was a wake up call. Some things happen for a reason, we just can't or don't always see why. I eventually came to realize the manager did me a favor. Our second child was four months old at the time. It gave me a chance to take six months off and enjoy my children, before landing a new job that tremendously advanced my career.

Then two years after taking this new job and thinking "great now I have a career and I'm doing great," I got another blow! I was pregnant with our third child. Now that was scary. We only planned on two, and didn't think we could afford another. I fought tooth and nail to find a way to stay in my job, but eventually realized it wasn't possible. I eventually made the agonizing decision to stay home with the children. I related the rest of this story in my last post.

Now my husband and I are opening our own fabrication shop. Once again another change that we have chosen, but still it's a little scary. The point is my life takes many turns and changes. I have learned to adjust and go with the flow.

When you move with the changes you enjoy life more. Enjoy the adventure of the change. When you find the new cheese in your life you will savor it with much more pleasure. If you take too long to change there may not be enough left for you to enjoy.

Happy hunting.

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