Thursday, May 26, 2005

First Improve yourself.........

First improve yourself then success will follow Posted by Hello

Jeffrey Gitomer is one of my favorite sales professional authors, also the author of The Sales Bible. He wrote a book. The Patterson Principles of Selling, based on the sales principles of John Paterson. John Paterson was the President of the National Cash Register Company. The above chart is the outline of what he felt was first the most important part of success, yourself. You must first take care of yourself before you can succeed at taking care of others. (gee that sounds like something I hear as a mother). What followed in Gitomer's rewrite of Patterson's Principles are 34.5 principles of selling.

Each Friday I will post another principle for us all to discuss. When Paterson first wrote his principles each one was followed by an exercise. I will post the exercise as well so that you can practice it throughout the following week. I look forward to reading your ideas.

So before I post the first principle, your first exercise is to improve yourself. Below are just highlights from the chart above.
  1. Physically; healthy diet, regular sleep, and exercise. (If you make the time for regular exercise, 30 min, 3 days a week you will feel so much better and function at such a higher level)
  2. Mentally; Don't worry unnecessarily, listen attentively, learn from mental superiors, avoid inferior minds, etc. (my thought be positive not negative and listen and learn from those willing to help you)
  3. Morally; be truthful even to yourself, form good habits, learn to say "no" etc.
  4. Financially; decrease unnecessary expenses, increase earnings, make budgets, hard work, study the business, etc
  5. Socially; avoid bad associates, select helpful friends, learn to be happy alone, family is best company, do some charity work (for the right reasons), etc.

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