Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Zero Money Relaxation

Sometimes it doesn't take a penny to relax and enjoy your family. But it'll cost you in the long run if you don't set aside the time to enjoy your family and let yourself unwind once in a while. The cost of stress can be; anxiety, depression, heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia. This relates to my previous post. Before you can take care of others you MUST first take care of yourself.

Even as a mother of three I know the importance of this. I set aside two hours in a day just for me. First hour is 9:00 to 10:00 I exercise, then my second hour is in the evening at about 8:00 I take a nice long hot bubble bath with a good entertaining book and a hot cup of coffee. All of this costs me nothing, but it allows me to unwind and be healthy so that I have the strength to take care of my family and tend to my business.

You must first take care of yourself so that next you can tend to your family. Work should NEVER take priority over you family. If it is maybe its time to rethink your priorities. Children grow up so fast, and need their parents attention.

If both parents are alive then they are both needed. My husband works a full time job and then comes home for dinner with the family, and stays until the boys either get in their bath or go to bed, before he goes down to the shop to work. This gives him time to unwind from work and spend time with the boys.

Other ways to relax and spend time with the family can be going for a bike ride or walk on the trail, camping, game night, etc.

So take care of yourself and then take care of your family. When you get those two things to the top of your priority list and master them, then everything else will fall into place. Then an only then can you be successful.

How do you unwind, and relax? How do you create success?


Phil said...

I relax on the computer... Usually after the kids are in bed. I do my eBay business, check some fun and information websites. Those are my things.

As a family, we love to take short hikes and walks. Tubbs Hill is a favorite. Also, Cougar Creek Preserve and Mineral Ridge (for when we're feeling adventurous). Cataldo Mission has some nice trails.

When I get a chance, I like to listen to music... I don't get that chance very often. Usually when we're in the car I'll turn on songs the kids enjoy, like Wiggles and Ralph's World. But if I'm alone in the car, I love to just blast away something. From Beatles to Death Cab For Cutie.

I haven't had a bubble bath in over two years because the bathtub in our rental house is too small for me. However, we splurged on our new home and upgraded to a whirlpool tub. So when we move... Bubble baths every night! Woo-hoo! Will have to fight the wife for it.

- Phil A Family Runs Through It

Bay Views said...

Thank you for your kind remarks...


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