Saturday, June 11, 2005

Family History

Our family history is an amazing thing! I have spent the last few days researching our family history. I'm finding it is not a very easy thing to do, but very addictive. I have always had a passion for history when it comes to people (not events). So I have embarked on a search for mine and my husbands families. Mostly my husband though since there are others researching mine.

My husband's history has been quit elusive. His family consists of many native Americans from Oklahoma. Since the Indians in Oklahoma didn't trust the government around the time of his grandparents births it has been very difficult to establish that they were even born or who their parents were, but I shall prevail in time. They don't even exists on the census until 1930 one grandparent showed up.

If there are any genealogy experts out there, especially when it comes to researching Indian history of Oklahoma, I would sure appreciate any advise you could give.

It will be interesting to see if my family and his ever meet at any point in Oklahoma. Our families migrated to California with our grandparents generation. So I will get back to looking into the past.


Mike said...

Hey, Amy! I'm not LDS, but I understand that the Mormon church has the largest record of genealogical records anywhere. I think they are free and I think they'll let anyone access them. Good luck.

amyrebba said...

Yes, I have stumbled on them, although where I am finding most of my records have been on I've just hit some road blocks that I can't seem to get past, but I will look into LDS further.

Thank You

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