Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Word of Mouth

There is a lot to be said for word of mouth. So far I've noticed most of the business we have or are doing has come to us by word of mouth. I've drummed up a little interest by contacting prospects, but they aren't as likely to become a customer as someone who was recommended to you by an associate or a friend.

Word of mouth customers usually aren't pricing you with others for the best deal either, which makes them even more valuable. Let your customers and associates speak for you. What they say has more weight then what you say. How many times have you listened to a sales person (if you were really listening) and found yourself wanting to hit the off button because all they could do was brag about what they do.

  • We have the best quality. So show me
  • We are honest and integrity. If you have to tell me that then most likely your NOT!
  • We are better then So and So. I don't appreciate sales people who bad mouth the competition.
  • We have the best service. Yea, and so does your competitor.
Consider a different approach for your sales. After you get an appointment for a meeting you should go to the meeting with only the intention to ask valuable question that will lead to how you can help them. Maybe leave them with a little literature, but more important leave them with a CD with some of your customers testimonials on it, or a list of customers they can contact and question them about their experience. Then at the next meeting show them and present to them the ways that you (and sometimes other associates) can help them.

So what's the point? Integrity, honesty, quality, service, personality, etc. had all better be your best. If you are at the top of your game then your prize will be greater then hard sales with empty promises.

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