Friday, June 03, 2005

Paterson Principle 1

Here is your first Paterson Principle. Focus on this principle over the next week. Alone you won't see miracles, but it will help to improve your sales, not to mention you can even apply this one to your life.

1. Think!
Most people have no idea how to spend time in thought. Try writing your thoughts as you come up with them. John Paterson, Paterson's Principles
Everything you do requires you to think. Your thoughts help you to determine the outcome of your actions.
Twelve things to Think! About every day:
How can I uncover new customers?
How can I become a better presenter?
How does my customer profit from using my product?
How did I better myself today?
What did I learn new?
How can I serve better?
Is my attitude better today than it was yesterday
Are my customers loyal today?
How am I investing my time today?
Did I get a referral today?
Did I give a referral today?
Did I work on my legacy today?
THINK about taking action on each of the twelve thoughts.
Jeffrey Gitomer, Paterson's Principles
I suggest you take the time, if not at work, then this weekend. Set down with a legal pad and write a short paragraph to each of the above question, and then analyze your answers. Ask your spouse, or a friend to read your responses and give their thoughts. Ask yourself "am I thinking right?" If not then write down how you plan to improve your thoughts over the next week. Improving your thought will improve your actions.
A few things I want to draw your attention to. First is your attitude. Think about it, when you are feeling down others feel it. And who wants to buy from a soar sales person? Think about the good parts of your day. Don't ever bring the bad things to work with you, or you can watch your sales go down the drain.
Second, referrals. Give referrals daily, with out asking for one in return. I guarantee you that you will receive many when you're least expecting it.
"Exercise: Set aside THINK! Time -- make a THINK appointment every day, even if it's only 15 minutes. Decide in advance what you want to think about, and what solution you're looking for. I know, it sound hokey --but here's the gold:
Write ideas no matter how far fetched they sound -- just write for ten minutes straight. Your stream-of-conscious thinking will net you some amazing results." Jeffrey Gitomer, Paterson's Principles
Please share some of your thought, so others might learn from them.


bob said...

Amy, I'm continually impressed by your dedication to strong business practices and growth. I bet you'll be having lunch with The Duane any day!

amyrebba said...

I'm not going to say never, because I've never met the man. However, if he is anything like so many people say then I don't see it happening.

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