Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More Family History

OH BOY! am I addicted to this genealogy stuff. I'm driving my husband crazy because I'm either on the phone or on the computer researching our family.

My husbands family wasn't too terribly hard to research. I've hit a few road blocks. I still can't find anything on his grandmother (the only grandmother still alive) She'd not even sure where she was born, but most likely OK or TX and the absolutely nothing on her mother other then her death.

Now my family on the other hand has been much hard then I expected. I have only been able to find one of my great grandmothers and her ancestors. Pretty much everyone else is eluding me.

I can't stress enough how important it is to maintain your family history and pass it down, so that others know where they come from and don't have to go through the lengthy search that I have had to go through.


FreeThinker said...

If it was possible to trace your family back for unlimited generations, for hundreds and even thousands of years, where would it have started?   "Adam and Eve," or proto-hominids?

That's really something to think about!

Word Tosser said...

My Aunt did my fathers side many years ago. Being part of the family came from Sweden, she was writing to them. I had to laugh as they would say Yes, so and so did live here, for more information sent $35... so she send the money and was told .. but they left in 1883... which she did get that much info. But she thought her $35 would go further for information. lol..After 4 times of $35 she gave up. As all she was getting was tidbits, but they weren't that great information. But don't give up, and you will find information when you least expect it.

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