Sunday, July 03, 2005

Paterson Principle 3

Oops where was my head this week. I forgot our next principle on Friday. So here it is.

3. Positive Mental Attitude
is Determined by You,
Not Others.
Did your parents ever tell you "you better change that attitude missy." Oh maybe that was only my parents. That was usually my mom's warning that if I didn't replace the sour look on my face she would smack it off for me. Believe it our not your attitude shows in your face, no matter how hard you try to hide it. How about this have you ever forced a smile on your face, when inside you were about to scream and someone asks you "what's wrong?" That should tell you 1) people see right through fake and they hate it 2) you're not very good at pretending.
So why pretend or be fake? Why not change the way you think. Here are some steps to accomplish this goal.
  1. Be careful of your associations. People with bad attitudes bring down those around them.
  2. Gittomer has a great idea. Every morning read a couple pages from a positive, encouraging, inspiring book.
  3. Find phrases of encouragement and post them on your computer screen.
  4. exercise daily. I love this one and it goes a long way toward helping me. I've been really bummed lately because my asthma has kept me from getting on the treadmill every morning which is my usually routine (maybe next week it'll be better).
  5. Set goals that challenge you but that are achievable. Then when you achieve them you'll be amazed how that will boost you attitude. If the bosses goal seem out of reach then set smaller steps for your self in working up to those goals, and enjoy the journey instead of stressing over the end result.
  6. I'm sure there are many more maybe you could come up with another attitude booster and share with the rest of us.

Now this weeks posting can apply to everyone. It's not just a sales thing. When you have a sour attitude the glass is always half empty and nothing ever goes right. But when you see the glass half full and you know there is a silver lining behind every cloud, and you realize everything happens for a reason then nothing can penetrate you shell and bring you down.

Have you ever noticed that some people always get the breaks in life and they are always so full of life. Well that can be you, so take some steps to make it happen.

Your life is what you make of it!


Word Tosser said...

Also Eleanor Roosevelt saying.

No one can put you down unless YOU LET them...

also I find if I smile...not smirk, when dealing with a negavite person, it can change their attitude. After all a smile is contagious.

amyrebba said...

word tosser, I love to read your posts. You always make me smile with your words of wisdom.

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