Friday, July 29, 2005

Paterson Principle 6

6. Studying.........
The First Discipline
of Knowledge
I more or less touched on this principle last week. Basically "practice makes perfect". You can read how to books on improving you selling, but if you don't practice the techniques you learn you are dead in the water.
The thing to ask yourself is "Do I have enough discipline and desire to work my butt off for my accounts, or do I expect my charm and good looks to land a few here and there for me?" If it's the later, then you are in the wrong business! You might have better luck as an actor(ess)! If it is the first then keep it up and you'll get there. But don't forget one way to improve yourself it to work with and help others to improve.
Take one technique ever week and work on only that technique, master it for that week. After that I can guarantee you it will come more naturally. But don't forget it. You skills are just like a motor, if you give it regular maintenance and use it regularly then it will treat you well. But if you forget to maintain it and you let it set for a long period of time with out use, it becomes rusty and unusable. So work hard to learn and maintain your skills.
Starting next week I'll give you things to do! So go back and read all six principles up to this point and motivate yourself to dedicate yourself. Then next week you'll be raring to go!
Selling is not for the lazy!

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