Friday, July 29, 2005

Employees Assets or Liabilities

I'm kind of interested in what you think on this subject. I have worked for companies that treated me and payed me like I was an asset to the company. They asked for and respected my ideas and oppions. Many of them I have remained friends with, and I have always considered them a part of making me the woman I am in business today.

However, on the other hand I have worked for companies that saw their employees as disposable liablities. They didn't pay worth a darn and had the attitude "if you don't like it there's the door." Why is this? I understand there are some people who aren't good employees and are unreliable, but why treat everyone that way. Why not hire and treat people as though they were an asset to the company? Then if they just aren't working out, let them go? I just think you would get more out of your employees and they will be more willing to go the extra mile for you if you simply showed them so respect for their contribution to the company.

I'm just thinking out loud, but feel free to put in your ideas on the matter.

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