Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Children Are Smart!

My daughter about gave me white hairs yesterday. Children know when they have the perfect opportunity to get by with getting in trouble for a short time.

I was on the phone yesterday afternoon. My daughter had been in a good mood so I decided to let her stay up a bit longer and play with her brother, but I had a lot of work to do. So I went down stairs to make a quick phone call to book a party. I was on the phone no more than ten minutes. I got the party booked and then said good bye.

When I turned around I saw my daughter standing behind my chair. She had with her one of my big white towels that was wet. It puzzled me at first because I thought all of my white towels were in the washer with the white load. I pulled her closer to discover that she had chocolate on her hands and face and was using this white towel to clean up her mess. So I picked her up and headed up the stairs.

I knew the only chocolate in the house was a half used bag of chocolate chips. Sure enough I went to the drawer and discovered she had gotten into this bag and had chocolate all over the edge of the counter where she had stood to eat it. I also saw her brothers little stool he uses to reach the sink near by. Okay so mystery number one wasn't such a mystery, but what about the towel?

So I went into the bathroom with her still in my arms to wet a wash rag and clean her up. That's when I saw her first attempt to clean up. On the edge of the bathtub were little chocolate hand prints where I believe she was try to reach the wash rag hanging on the hook, but since it was too high she gave up. So how was it she had this wet towel?

I get her cleaned up, put her down for her afternoon nap and pick up the towel we had carried up stairs to go put it in the wash room. AH HA! That's where it came from, exactly where I thought all of my white towels were! When she had given up on the bathroom wash rag, she then went into the wash room, turned my mop bucket upside down to stand on, and some how lifted the lid of the washer, reached in and got a towel! That about gave me a heart attach. Thank God the load had finished washing and she didn't fall in!

But I've got to admit that took a lot of thought and was very smart on her part. She is only 21 months, but she does little things like this all of the time. If her brothers leave their dirty clothes in their room, she will go in there, pick up the clothes and go put them in the hamper in the wash room with out being told.

She is starting to say lots of words and jabber things now. I love this stage with babies, but it also gets a little nerve racking too.

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Phil said...

Thank goodness it was only chocolate!

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