Friday, October 27, 2006

Drug Activity in Neighborhood

I could use some advice out there. I have got two neighbors at the end of my street that we suspect are using and distributing drugs. This scares me. The one home has already been involved in a fire due to their questionable activities.

I don't have any definite proof. I've just been observing activity beyond what is normal friends and family visiting. As soon as it's dark in the evening cars start driving to the end of the street where these two homes are situated. They don't shut off their cars, stay just a couple minutes and then leave. One night I set there and watched and with in an hour they had six visits like that. I'm I just being paranoid? So many of my neighbors have labeled that end of the street "where the drugies live," but they don't seem to be motivated to do anything.

I have three children, my neighbors have four girls and there are about two dozen children just with in our little culdesac. Including two under the age of five in the one drug house and I believe another baby in the other house. I believe tonight I will set there with binoculars so that I can read license plates and keep a record of the activity tonight since it is Friday. Then I plan to call the cops and let them take care of this. According to the neighbors though the cops do know about the one house, but they have never done anything.

That is until they met me. I guess I'll have to take my mom's example. When we lived in California, I grew up in a home that my mother had also grown up in. So they weren't interested in selling the home. Instead she wanted the Motel on the other side of the alley from us cleaned up. So she started calling the cops anytime she saw activity in the alley. She also railed the neighbors to do the same. Some night that would result in five or six calls a night to the police. Eventually they stacked it out and did one of the biggest busts in the area. One of the officers involved came over to visit with us. He discovered then that he new may dad, they use to work together. So he was really open with Dad and told him, that if it hadn't been for the way Mom had pestered them to death over this, the bust probably never would have happened. After that the Motel was sold, went under new management and for the rest of the years that I lived there stayed clean! So I guess it's time for me to make the first move to clean up this neighbor hood and get rid of these neighbors.

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