Friday, October 20, 2006

Lightening Show!

Was last night's lightening show AMAZING or what?!

I had to load up the kids last night to go pick up our dog Sareena. She had another crippling bought
with her back. She's recovering. On the way home the lightening started. I was heading west on Seltice and could see it ahead and to the left. My oldest was in the front seat and was saying "wow's and awesome." Then he started telling me statistics about lightening. Some of them I don't think were quit correct, but I was amazed at what he had learned just from reading a book recently.

So we go home and got everyone in the house. As I was sitting there in my rocking-recliner the show got bigger and the wind picked up! The wind got so strong that it knocked the ladder on the front porch over. So I ran out and made sure it layed the rest of the way flat before it blew up and hit my new picture window.

I came back in and turned off the porch and front room lamp. The boys joined me in front of the window to watch the lightening. Again Christopher amazed me as he asked me to help him with what direction that was coming from. After he got that information he started telling me what mountains he thought it was over and what rivers would be there. I don't know if he was right or not since I didn't grow up here I never studied this area as a kid. But it does tell me that he is listening in school. They are studying Idaho history right now. I just grabbed him and hugged him as we watched more of the show. It was beautiful! The odd thing was I didn't hear any thunder, so it must have been quit a ways away.

Christopher really is starting to improve in school. He was almost failing last year while I was working. This year since I've quit he is now getting A's and B's on most of his papers. I am so proud of the turn around he has made. It also is a big testament to the fact that my children are better off with me at home. Not that other mothers don't do just as good a job working and running the home. I just didn't juggle all of it so well. I'm glad I finally found a way to stay home for them. My business is also starting to take off, but it doesn't take me away from them very often, and that's the best part.

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