Friday, October 06, 2006

Life Changes Over Time

It's amazing how in what seems like a short two years to me so many things have changed. I have been on the phone to so many of my old contacts hoping to drum up a little business from some of the people I knew that might like the Heritage Makers idea. Only to find out that probably at least half of the people I have called have moved one from the places they once worked.

Life changes so fast these days. It's not like back in the old days where if I could find where an ancestor once worked I would discover that he was there for 20 or 30 years until he retired. Now we are always on the move looking for something bigger and better. But when we get that bigger and better are we really happy? It's like our crazy lives. No one slows down to smell the roses anymore. No one leaves their work behind because they take their cell phones home with them so they can stay connected to work even when they aren't at work. Now how does that benefit their children. "Sorry dear, it sounds like you had a very fun field trip, but Daddy has to take this very important phone call."

I started to fall into that trap, but I can say that thanks to my husband I can set back and look now that it wouldn't have ever been good for our family for me to be on the fast track to business woman that I was headed down. However, I do miss the contact with other adults. So now with my new business I have set aside one day a week for parties (with and occasional extra day when needed) and I have set aside my daughters nap time for phone calls. Otherwise I am all mom and wife for my family. They are more important then the fast track. I discovered that I still needed to be a little of who I was to feel complete.

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