Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's Not Genealogy, but oh well

A few weeks ago I had someone contact me about one of her ancestors. As it turns out we may share a common surname. Though we are having a heck of a time uncovering what her ancestors true surname is. Her married name was Sarah Ellen Branson, and she was married to David Branson. David and his family are from Missouri, but Sarah was born in California. We have come across documents that list her maiden name as both WARD and GRIDLEY. Talk about confusing, add to that the fact that we find her living with a Reuben and Elizabeth Ridley in Kansas where we know she and David lived for some time. Well to make a long story short, I am working on this ancestor for her, and though I don't seem to have uncovered anything new she has shown me today how grateful others can be.

It turns out this gal who contacted me for help is Bobette Bryan a web graphics designer. She signed me up today for a life long membership to access of her web graphics! I am flattered. I didn't think I had helped her that much, though I'm certainly not done looking, but this was so unexpected. I do this because I love it, but if I'm looking at making money at it in the future I guess I'm on a roll.

Check out her web site. I absolutely feel in love with her Vintage Collection!

  • Butterfly Web Graphics

  • Now I just need to find out how I can add some of her wonderful vintage pieces to this blog. I'm sure Bobette can help me since I'm not a web designer!

    Thanks Bobette, this is truly a wonderful gift.

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