Friday, July 21, 2006

Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery

Normally my blog is for genealogy, but I am compelled to post this. The Vanessa Behan Crisis nursery in Spkane, WA if a volunteer agency that helps watch children from families in crisis. Most of these children are at risk for neglect or abuse, or their parents are simply at a crisis point in their life and need help with watching their children while they get their life back on track. This nursery has helped out thousands of young children and their families in our area.

Right now they are in serious need of formula. Maybe you have some still left from your baby that you just switched to milk. Those of you who live in the Spokane and Cda area know this nursery well. Lets help them out. They have helped so many families. The key is they also help the families work through their crisis in order to stay together as a family, so lets not leave them in crisis.

I guess some of my buddies on Huckleberries Blog had a challenge going for elected officials to donate formula. I have yet to hear how that went, but that doesn't mean more of us can't get involved. They will appreciate any help they can get.

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