Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is so COOL!!!

Okay, Okay, I know, bad Amy. I've been away from my blog for far too long. But someone got me excited about it again yesterday. When I started putting my genealogy research on the blog I never thought that it would actually help me to make contact with distant cousins searching for the same ancestor, but it did! So now I know what I am doing with my blog! I am going to put bits and pieces on of my research. This way when someone Googles an ancestors name it will bring them to me. This is so great!

Yesterday I had a distant cousins on my husband's Conner side of the family contact me. She is married to the grandson of Washington Leon Conner. All along our family had thought Leon was stabbed to death somewhere at a young age and never had a family. But here he lived to an old age and died in 1976 after marring and having a family! Now how cool is that!

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