Monday, March 12, 2007

Daddy Did Great

I had nothing to worry about. I had my genealogy conference on Saturday. That same day was try outs for my oldest boy who we've entered into Little League.

The day before I was working to make sure that I had everything for the conference. Then that night I went over everything with my husband that would need to be done that day. Made sure we had directions where he was going. Made sure he was aware that they would need to get around early enough to go buy our son some cleats before going and everything else.

Well Saturday morning I was up at the crack of dawn. Got around, packed up, kissed my husband good bye and reminded him to put the meat I set out to thaw in the fridge later. I'm not sure that he really heard me, but he did take care of it.

So I had a wonderful day at the conference. Learned a lot. Meet a lot of great people and a few who are interested in Heritage Makers. On the drive home I'm wondering what I will see when I step in the door. Will my daughter be dressed in a hideous outfit. Will there be a mess, not that it maters with the mess of remodeling anyway or just what will I come home to. I was pleasantly surprised. I walked in to find them sitting in the front room together. Jamie is in a matching outfit, the house is as I left it that morning, and the hamburger meat is in the fridge.

So I asked my son how try outs went, and got the painful stories with a smile that said he still had fun. Then I asked my husband how he did with the kids. He told me that when they were shopping for shoes and at the game, the kids really were great. They had fun. But when they got home they drove him crazy. I couldn't help but laugh. "Now you see what I go through all day and why I want to start up a mommy group and get out of this house once in a while!" He just smiled, "yea I know. I don't doubt it."

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