Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bathroom Duty, UGH!!!!

Okay I know it's that chore that all of us hate! But it is the most necessary room, along with the kitchen, in a house to keep the cleanest. It is also the most germ infested room in the house. I was just cleaning the bathroom a while ago when I tought about this.

One of my first chores as a pre teen was cleaning the bathroom. I guess my mom thought if I could learn to do that with out much trouble, then I would be just fine as a mother and wife. Which comes with cleaning up after the males in the family who don't quit hit their target, and no offense guys, but you really are not always perfect at target practice. It would also prepare me for cleaning up after my children when they get sick.

But there was one tip that my mom passed on to me for dealing with this nasty chore. Thank you Mom! She always told me that it was best if I waited until I was just ready to take my shower. Then clean the toilet and sink and then clean the shower while I was in there to take a shower. This way I could clean up imediately after cleaning in and around the iky toilet after the guys and clean the shower while I was in there so I didn't have to worry about getting my clothes all wet doing it.

It became such a pattern in my life that I never gave it much thought. Then for some reason I thought about how my mom got me started doing that. So if you are stuggling to clean the bathroom because it turns your stomach then take my moms advice to heart.

So thank you Mom, for all the wonderful things you did to prepare me for this sometimes exhausting task of wife and mother.


Phil said...

Good idea! I don't like cleaning the bathroom either, but I do it more now because of the kids. I use Clorox or Lysol wipes and just wipe everything down really good. It's amazing how dirty a bathroom can get in just a few days.

cc said...

great idea! Thanks!

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