Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mommy Help! Part 4

Freezer Prep Day
After completing the last step of preping the meals for the freezer I am exhausted. I symathize with women in the old days who had laundry Monday, bread Tuesday, and so forth. It's no wonder many women back then did not deal with obesity like we do today.
I spent the whole day in the kitchen cutting ingrediants, sautaing portions, mixing up breads and so forth. I had my list and I had everything writen in the best order, acording to the items that I could do at one time, or the methods and ingrediants needed. I all went very smoothly I must say. But God my feet hurt so bad when I finally got to sit down for dinner!
Then some how I managed to get a second wind, maybe it was the beer I decided to drink that took the edge off my painful feet. I got up and painted some more of my front room walls going under a major face lift right now.
If you decide to plan out your meals, budget, shop and then prep ingrediants for the freezer I highly recommend that you do it over three different days. The freezer day wore me out!
Now next month I plan to try and do 30 days of planning instead of two weeks. I think it will make my life much eaier.

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