Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Bad, Lost Emails

Well my daughter and I are setting here at home trying to pass the afternoon. Dad and the boys went to the Monter Jam at the Spokane Arena this afternoon. They aren't home yet, so I don't know how it went. But knowing my boys and their toys they will have loved the show and the time spent with just Dad.

I've been taking advantage of the time with out any of them under foot and with Jamie down for a nap, well she's up now, to clean up my files and especially hours of purging emails.

I never realized how many emails I have saved that I don't even need, or the worst part how many I don't think I ever responded to. But I made sure to respond tonight. It's never too late as they say. I even told one of them that I get emails in all day long. I am like a hound dog on a bird trail somtimes when I am making discoveries on my ancestors. I simply flag the email with all intentions of getting back to the person. But sometimes those emails get buried under all the others I get.

We all have days, weeks, and even months like that. Where everything is coming at us and we can only catch and deal with a few pieces. My last few months have been insane. Between writing a couple books for our family on our ancestors, applying to teach digital scrapbooking and storybooking at NIC, promoting my business Untangled Family Roots/Heritage Makers, my genealogy research, and not to forget the kids, my hubby and the house, well let's just say I haven't caught and dealt with everything on a timely manner. My Bad!

I now finally have a professional website up at, Untangled Family Roots. It still needs some work, but it feels good to finally have that professional presence for my business. Things are starting to happen! I know I will soon have some parties the way I am going.

Now I can't wait till the boys get back and find out if Dad only took pictures of the trucks or if he took a few of the boys too, and if I'm lucking maybe one of him.

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