Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Secret

Need I say more. Here I was going to do a post about the Secret. But guess what Oprah beet me to it. Oprah on the Secret, the law of attraction.

I friend sent me the video, The Secret. I watched and I have been watching my life change ever since. Basically the secret is the law of attraction. We attract into our life what we think, feel, and act upon. For example: if we are constantly thinking about debt, feeling depressed or down about our debt, talking about it constantly, we are only attracting more debt. If however we begin to think about financial freedom, allow ourselves to feel like we are financially free, start implementing a process to obtain financial freedom and focus on that financial freedom then we will begin to attract financial freedom! That is one thing that I am working on now, and it is working. I now for the first time in years have a small savings account. It's not much but I will watch it grow.

Apply that process to everything in your life. Stop thinking about what you don't want because that will only bring more of what you don't want. Instead focus on, think about, feel and begin the process toward what you do want and it will begin to happen for you.

This is amazing stuff! You have got to watch it and make it a part of your life!

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