Friday, February 16, 2007

The "Naked" Phase and Potting Training

Sometimes I look back at the end of my day and wonder how I remained sane. I am having a lot of fun with Jamie right now. She likes to strip. Not exactly the career path I want for her.

Just after breakfast this morning she had her clothes off and was in her room getting another pair of big girl panties out of her drawer. I'm proud of her that she is trying. Of course it helps that she hates diapers. But I can't say I look forward to cleaning up her accidents, which happen daily. I'll be glad when she gets a hang of getting to the potty in time. Later this morning she brought me another pair to change into and I got to putting on her pants and she was already crying and pulling them down. We no sooner got her underwear on and she peed in them. I hate potty training, so to say the least I'll be glad when it is over.

Keeping clothes on her I don't worry about much right now because she seems to have an easier time with potty training if all she has on is a pair of underwear. So yesterday I didn't make a big deal of it when that's all she wanted to wear. That was until I went into her brothers room where they were playing and she is standing on the bunk ladder buck naked. I asked "what on earth are you doing little lady," Since Jamie doesn't say much that's audible yet, her brother answers "we are having a naked party." Now where do they get such ideas, but I was relieved to find he was still fully clothed. I wanted to laugh, but instead I picked her up and said "I don't think so." Justin must have thought it was funny because he just laughed.

Nap time is also a pain now that she is two. I have to continually go in and check on her, because I usually find her going through her drawers finding another outfit. If she doesn't fall asleep quickly then you can bet there will be about five different outfits scattered on the ground, and a new one cockeyed on her.

I guess it's all part of the learning, but I don't know how I'm staying sane. With the boys I wasn't home 24/7 for this phase. I have to form a group of other moms and dads in this area so we can help each other out by just getting out of the house!

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