Monday, February 19, 2007

Mommy Help!

First I am still trying to form that group of Stay/Work at home Moms and Dads. I'm sure they are feeling the same as me; the need for adult conversation at least once a week. I've also joined a few groups of Moms and Dads online for support and great ideas.

I am a pretty well organized mom. I have calendars, schedules, budgets and so forth, but there has always been one very week area for me, COOKING! I hate always hated cooking and especially planning a meal. I enjoy baking from scratch, its the cooking a meal that gets me. Well yesterday I discovered some very helpful website and tools thanks to some other mommies in the support groups. These website and tools are great for ALL PARRENTS WORKING OR STAYING AT HOME!

So in my website favorites I created a file that says MOMMY HELP! Then I bookmarked most of these sites in it to use later. I've got to make the groceries I have right now last until the end of the week, but on Friday I will be planning out our menus and grocery list so I will let you know how helpful these website were for me. But for now you can check them out too.

By the way I've been both the Working mom and the Stay at home mom, so believe me I know these websites are useful for both. I sure wish I had known about them when I was a working mom. I can't tell you how many times I came home so exhausted and couldn't figure out anything I wanted to cook, even though I had a pantry full of food, and instead went and got fast food. It's no wonder this country struggles with obesity. Our mothers are over worked, stretched thin and under appreciated. And that goes for Working and Stay at home moms alike! Oh and yes Dads too.

So I hope you find these sites helpful and useful.

MENUS 4 MOMS This site looks like my favorite so far. This site sends out a weekly menu for you to use to plan out your meals for the next week and your grocery list. Also you get a daily reminder with useful tips and ideas of things to do that day to keep your home organized and together. I have subscribed for this one!

30 Day Gourmet If you like to take one or two days a month and cook many meals to freeze and then quickly rewarm for the month, this is the site for you. Many useful ideas, tips and helps on cooking and freezing meals for the month. As well as menus for this.

Mainly Mom Another fabulous website! This one has more than menus and meal planning templates, which are under RESOURCES. This one also covers budgeting on one income! My current project. This mom has done the same thing I did. She was a working mom with a career. She realized that the daycare values were not hers and the it wasn't right that her girls were eating more meals in the car than at home. I know how she feels. Though I miss the work place I have the peace of mind knowing that my children are better for me being home, even if that mean we have to do with out the things we want once in a while.

Saving Dinner You can use this site to get the free meals every month, but you can also subscribe to this for meals planned especially for your family. This is really great if you have picky eaters, someone with diabetes, food allergies and such in the family. This is the site for custom made planning for meals.

The Recipe Link Want many choices to choose from for each day of the week? This is a great site. With many recipes and meal ideas for each day of the week. You just choose the ones from the list that work for you and create your own meal plan from there. Recipes for every thing on the list, so if your not much of a cook this will be very useful. Even the most simplest recipes are listed.

I hope this is helpful to all parents our there looking for a little help in the food area. Here are some things to keep in mind. When you plan meals for your family you will save money and time, you will eat healthy, and I bet some of you will loose weight when this brings you to the table instead of eating your meals from the fast food chains.


scribbit said...

Thanks for some good links. I'm trying to plan the week's menu as we speak. Or type or whatever. Actually, I'm putting off that nasty task and blogging when I should be writing my menu.

amyrebba said...

I know the feeling. I am getting ready to plan next weeks meals here in a minute too. I'll let you know how it goes. It'll be the first time I've actually done this.

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