Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mommy Help! Final Report

Well the two week menu is just about over, and I'm ready to start planning my next one. It was a great way to make sure I had our meals planned ahead and that I spent less money.

  1. Less trips to the store!!! Loved that!
  2. Spent less money. (I spent a bit more on the initial grocery trip to restock my pantry with spices, pastas and such) I only made one more trip to the store and spent another $40. Compared to 4-5 trips, spending at least $40 each time on tip of the initial shopping trip.
  3. Stayed very close to my budget.
  4. Came home with everything I needed at the store. No coming home says "oops, if forgot to get..... &..... &........ That's never good. Especially when you spent your full budget.
  5. Spent less time in the kitchen, trying to figure out what to make
  6. Even complicated meals seemed less of a hassle since I knew how much time I would need for each meal, I could plan my day around it.


  1. One day planning
  2. One day shopping
  3. One day packing and freezing

So as you can see the benifits made the planning well worth it. So I need to do my planning again today or tomorrow.

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