Sunday, August 28, 2005

Cell Phones

I have mixed feelings about cell phones. As a cashier there are times when I just want to rip the phone away from the person who is rude enough to continue their conversation on the phone when I am TRYING to help them. On the road, is another time, when I just want to run people over who aren't watching what they are doing because they are on the damn cell. Oh and what ever happened to turn the damn thing off, or put it on vibrate, when you are in a meeting, luncheon, get together, or any event where it can be annoying to have a cell phone go off in the middle of a conversation or speech?

On the other hand I think they are great for emergencies and can be convenient when you just need to quickly get in touch with someone on an important matter.

But people let's get back to being human, for Pete's sake! Think about the other people around you that you are effecting with you rudeness or lack of attention. Gabbing on the phone can be rude and dangerous.

I've had cell phones in the past, but I must say I do like life with out a cell phone. At least I have my moments of peace while I am shopping, out eating, watching a movie, or what ever.

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Phil said...

I like the security of having one. It's already gotten us out of a couple tricky situations with car break-downs. I also like cell phones for when I'm lost in the store and I don't know where my wife is.

But people need to learn that sometimes you just don't have to answer the darn thing! Why do they feel like the MUST ANSWER IT no matter where they are: public restroom, post office line, driving down the street.

Gee whiz, these things have voice mail... Callers can leave a message if you're busy!

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