Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Working for a Living

Well I started work last night. I couldn't avoid it any longer. We were just not able to make it on one income for a family of five. Yes, there were a few things we could have done with out, like starting our own business on the same income, but what do you do when you have two feet in the door, and the bills are already piled. Some day it will take off, but in the mean time I'll have to work.

I had to find something working nights in order to avoid paying over $900 for daycare, so there goes my profession. That left nothing available using my skills. In the end it came down to two choices. Both interviewed me and offered me a job. Wal Mart needed help now, and UPS had to put me on a waiting list (hopefully for a job in the next one to two months). So I started with Wal Mart last night. Now to put this into perspective what I will make there will not even be enough to cover my grocery bill for the month. It's part time at barely above minimum wage. But at least it will give us some extra money to try to catch up on our bills until UPS calls. Now here is the difference. UPS offers full benefits for the entire family for part time employees and pays a deal more. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

But Wal Mart is no easy job either. These cashiers work hard and they put up with a lot of crap from customers. If you have never done retail you should try it for a couple weeks. You'll learn to appreciate what they do for very little money for their efforts. Now I don't doubt there are lousy cashiers, I won't argue that, but there are a lot of demanding and rude customers who have never had to work in retail who need to show more respect. Just my opinion! So far though I would say Wal Mart isn't a bad place to work. I understand the low pay, really. It's a great way to weed out the lousy employees, and promote those that do a good job. Some of the Wal Mart employees who have done a great job and moved up do make a pretty good living I hear.

So in the mean time I'm still home with the kids during the day, and dad takes care of them at night. I don't have to stress over lousy Idaho daycare, or pay them more then my damn mortgage to watch my kids while making barely more then I pay them (that is if I went back to my profesion, I won't even make that at Wal Mart).

By the way Dad survived and did a great job last night. He didn't even complain! I do love him, even when I want to ring his neck.

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Word Tosser said...

Amy, sorry you had to join the working (outside the house and family) but for a business to earn its keep, it takes outside help.
And it takes a business 2 to 3 years to earn its own keep. So hang in there, and look at this as a short term deal. Once the business takes off, you will be able to stay home again.
In the meantime, I will pray for the UPS job.
And thanks for the comments on my blog. I think you are a great gal, and have lots of pulska...you can do anything you put your mind to.

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