Saturday, August 13, 2005

Paterson Principle 8

8. Planning Prevents
Wandering and
Provides Direction
As a salesperson I'm sure you have had days when you weren't sure by the end of the day what you had really accomplished, but you felt like you were running around like a chicken with your head cut off! Been there done that.
The problem with days like that is they were not planned out and you didn't have a clear direction that you and your associates could stick to. It's very important that you are very organized and plan out everything you need to do ahead of time. You also need to be very clear with your co-workers when you are and ARE NOT available to take phone calls. You need to set aside time each and every day for making phone calls with no interruptions. I can't stress that enough.
So here is where you start set down and design a form that will help lay out everyday what you must accomplish, what you would like to accomplish and what needs to be done in the near future at least. Then create another form that will help you keep track of everything you do that day on a points system. Give yourself credit for what you do, even the little things. This will help you see the whole picture. What areas you are strong in, where you are week, what you tend to neglect or procrastinate on, and more. Set a daily points goal. Don't go home until you have achieved your goal.
So now you have a form, right? Don't know where to start? Contact me I'll be glad to share what I have used and help you design yours. Once you have the form you need to lay out a weekly schedule. I don't mean a detailed who you are going to see schedule, but one that sets aside a couple hours for phone calls, couple hours for visiting prospect, time for customers, and most importantly 30 minutes to an hour first thing in the morning for planning each day. That will be your weekly highway. Then each morning set down during the time you have set aside. Turn off the phone and shut your office door. Plan out every one you need to see, call, email, do quote for and anything else that pertains to your business for that day. This is your daily city map with every little detail and time allotted for each action. Another way to plan even in advance is a software program I use called ACT! It's great at helping you organize you contacts and your schedule.
Think of this. You wouldn't go on a road trip with out mapping out a plan and a direction you are going, right? If you did you'd probably go in circles and never accomplish what you set out to do. The same applies to sales. Don't set out on your day with out a clear plan of where you are going, who you are seeing, what you want to accomplish with each person, who you will call that day, etc.
I would be glad to help any one that needs one on one help with their sales career. Just let me know.

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